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Frank Brennan

11:17 AM, 8th February 2017, About 5 years ago

Letter to Gavin Barwell Housing Minister

Well done Ros -see my letter. Please can others follow suit.

Its great for these public service employees (well that is what he is) and their gold plated pensions. Its people like us that have to work hard to provide two pensions ONE FOR THEM and one for ourselves!!

Dear Mr Barwell

I totally echo the sentiments as expressed by Dr Rosalind Beck.

Currently I hold five rental properties, two of which are in arrears to the tune of £2700.

Foolishly, I listened to the sob stories of both tenants.

Now in one, the grown up children of the tenant are squatting, while she claims to still be the tenant, when she has in actual fact moved in with a boyfriend.

I will now have to give these parasites a further minimum 10 weeks free tenancy whilst I go through the legal expense of reclaiming my property!

The second tenant has just been raided by the Utility company and had both of the meters removed. When I do get the property back, heaven knows how much it will cost to refurbish.

You and your ill conceived comments do little to actually help the housing situation in this great Country of ours.

Yours faithfully

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