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S Somerset

A year ago
Best Offers Letting Strategy

Reply to the comment left by "Mark Alexander" at "17/02/2017 - 20:47":

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S Somerset

A year ago
Best Offers Letting Strategy

In my experience prospective tenants sometimes offer higher or lower anyway... so I don't see the problem - especially if you're up front about it.
I agree with the other poster about not putting it on 'ridiculously low' - but possibly at your minimum acceptable rent.
In the end it's a game of supply and demand, and assuming there's sufficient demand, tenants will always be disappointed - so that's hardly a legitimate reason not to do it.

(BTW, your agent sounds rubbish!)...... Read More

S Somerset

A year ago
Vandalism of Period Features

If it's proving a problem to let, you may be able to tone it down by painting everything else in the room white (inc tiles) and/or try a bath resurfacing kit to paint it white - although I've personally never tried it!!!... Read More

S Somerset

A year ago
What are the legal issues purchasing a repossession?

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your valuable feedback!

We have actually done most of the above: been to the property plenty of times, had the electrics / plumbing checked, had surveys done, spoken to several neighbours etc.

I hadn't known about / considered insurance. So thank you for that point. We do have a clause that if we sell within a year the vendor / lender will get any uprise in value. We don't intend to sell for many years so don't see this is an issue.

We are insisting on vacant possession. It's not currently occupied by any people (they have been locked out from even visiting), but has possessions that still need removing (it hasn't been lived in permanently for many years). Once this is done (and inspected) we will proceed.

Thanks again!

Property Wannabe - thanks for that information. It isn't something we're too worried about. We currently live in a house where the previous person has lots of people chasing them - and it hasn't impacted us.

Terry: Mortgagee repossession

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S Somerset

A year ago
Six Chinese factories to pump out 25,000 prefab homes a year for UK housing market

Solar is good/commendable, but unfortunately the Chinese are not known for quality when it comes to building construction.

What a shame they aren't being manufactured locally...... Read More