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Pixie Props

16:31 PM, 8th January 2022, About A week ago

Don't use the 'L' word

What a load of old Toffee, can't believe this poll for one moment. Just another example of the Woke, Media Driven, Gender Neutral, Snowflakes wanting to influence our world without regard for the English language formed over thousands of years from many cultures and civilisations.
If you behave like a landlord, walk like a landlord, talk like a landlord, you are a Landlord (or Lady).
I Dread to think how many documents I have that would need updating.
Call yourselves what you want. I sometimes use 'Portfolio Manager' as a title but I'm still a Landlord
Don't mess with the Daily language that we all know, respect, understand, without mis-interpretation. How far do you go with changing stuff. Terrorists renamed Pals?... Read More

Pixie Props

16:33 PM, 7th January 2022, About 2 weeks ago

Flaw in the Tenancy Referencing Process?

If you have the courage, I have noticed around bromley/east Croydon, Sussex Coast, unwealthy people living the high life. They live in dream homes that they have no intention of actually owning, they are just passing through and accumulating wealth like you suggest from their homes, who knows how/where they end up? but they have lived the life and had experiences that most miss busting a gut trying to be mortgage free in more modest homes, instead of cashing in their chips at a later stage in life.... Read More

Pixie Props

11:09 AM, 7th January 2022, About 2 weeks ago

Flaw in the Tenancy Referencing Process?

Reply to the comment left by Jane Tomlin at 07/01/2022 - 09:50
I have come to the same conclusion and will be exiting real soon.
When I started, I was on my own, now when I look around it’s like being on a bus with more and more people getting onboard all with their hands in my pockets.
Glad you did well paying paying an advisor to manage your fund investments, long may it continue. Just remember though any fool can make money in a rising market.... Read More

Pixie Props

14:35 PM, 2nd January 2022, About 2 weeks ago

Flaw in the Tenancy Referencing Process?

Just shows you never know people once they go inside and shut the front door.

We all live and learn, but, experience comes with time.

I always employ a letting agent for Let Only service they do all the checks and seem thorough over the last 10 years.

Because I am one of those softy southern Landlords, I employ a managing agent who I trust without exception and has steered me clear of a few hazards. I get him to visit the new tenant in their current home this gives him a chance to see how the tenant lives.

As soon as they move in I make the 220 mile journey to personally check them out. I also make myself known to neighbours exchanging contact details and befriending the corner shop as a source of gossip. Before the compulsory TDS was introduced I would return the tenant deposit after 12 months getting them to sign a form. I didn't want an official organisation planting themselves in the middle of my business that I had to answer too.

Sounds fool-proof eh? unfortunately I have had share of Sly tenants, Canabis farms, houses used for cuckooing drug deals, Paedophiles, failed relationships.

Sounds bad, but, have always got the tenants out, mainly by telling the tenant I have got money problems or health problems and need to sell. However I offer them 6 months notice, with a small incentive for each month they go early

So in summary, Keep as many of the agencies/legal/council bodies out of your business. You have to be hands-on. its a fallacy to put a rental business with others and expect to sit-back. Bit like folk putting their money in a building society and moaning about the miserly interest rate. What return do they expect for doing nothing.... Read More

Pixie Props

17:20 PM, 19th December 2021, About a month ago

All landlords are property tycoons with deep pockets?

EPC's should be better administered and its operatives better trained. I remember when they first started, the inspector would arrive with steps to look in the loft. not now though.

I have done extensive refurbishments insulating floors and walls but when it comes to EPC time the inspector rejects even photos as proof if the works aren't done by authorised companies and so they tick the 'Assumed no Insulation' and give no recognition. Reaching 'C' and above is uphill lifting under these conditions.... Read More