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Graeme Boddy

11:09 AM, 3rd October 2014, About 7 years ago

How do sealed bids work?

Sealed bids are an auction with the bidder flying blind - and puts the Agent in total control of the sale. Having experienced this form of sale from both sides - it is a system to ignore and I believe this is generally accepted by the experienced market.
If a buyer participates in this form of auction - you have already made yourself vunerable by declareing yourself to be a highly motivated purchaser [ or maybe having a below market punt ] and thus Agents simply treat you as a stalking horse. Your bid then gets hawked around by the Agent in 2nd and 3rd verbal auctions - with no-one but the Agent being in control of bid information.
You may get the property but you will have paid full value + for it.... Read More

Graeme Boddy

19:09 PM, 17th October 2013, About 8 years ago

Home mover statistics which are a real eye opener

Interesting article [ I figure i will have moved 8 times by the time i take up permanent residence.] Whilst reading this article discussing the effect of timing related to re-moval costs ,etc.;-Something which i have noticed in my limited experience [ only within the London market ] there are prime periods to advertise property [ for letting ]. ;- that is mid JAN to end MAY and mid SEPT to early NOV. Outside these periods when advertising availability there is much less interest along with lower rentals achieved.
Have started to tailor lease periods to co-incide with above.... Read More

Graeme Boddy

15:55 PM, 23rd August 2013, About 8 years ago

Tenant Referencing Using Common Sense

Sound article - it is so easy to cut corners and mis-judge folk when busy. Good reading for me as I'm in the process of handling a let without using an agent for the first time. Your professionalism is clear thruout a very good article. Thank you.... Read More