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Paul Routledge

14:37 PM, 14th September 2018, About 3 years ago

End of the Road

Hi Larry, / Tenant referencing has been going for 8 years with its tenant histories and has 100's of 1000's of problem tenants registered that no other referencing company has.
Throughout our 9 year period we have been trying to get the NLA and te RLA to accept our legal site to protect landlords from taking one anothers bad tenants and they will not support us and do you know why?
Because there is no money in good tenants all the products they upsell to their members are related to problems they will have in the future.
Please do not take someone elses bad tenant use Read More

Paul Routledge

12:33 PM, 29th July 2016, About 5 years ago

The quiet revolution among letting agents

TR Lettings is part of Tenant and Rentsafe Uk group and will be able to offer all the advertising your property on the major internet portals, Give you the best referencing in the UK and then give you rent guarantee & legal expenses up to £50k for just £145 all inclusive. It is the best deal on the market today... Read More

Paul Routledge

12:22 PM, 6th January 2016, About 6 years ago

Landlord Action calls for a Rogue Tenant List

Reply to the comment left by "Chris Byways" at "06/01/2016 - 11:53":


Landlords do not need to be registered with the ICO if they are capturing and storing the data for their own use for the purpose of referencing to create a tenancy agreement between them and their tenant.

The taking of a tenant’s details that they agree to give you which are to be used solely for the purposes of referencing for a contact of tenure between those two parties comes under the legitimate interest clause. If the data is then passed onto a third party who has no contractual interest in the tenant, the tenancy and/or the contract of tenure it is those who need to register the holding of third party data with the ICO. We of course are ICO registered.

We have been taking information for 7 years and trust me checked by every tom dick and harry in the industry and the way we take and store our data is perfectly legal and legitimate.... Read More

Paul Routledge

9:11 AM, 6th January 2016, About 6 years ago

Landlord Action calls for a Rogue Tenant List

The truth is that the real weakness in the PRS is of our own making, I talk to 100’s of landlords and the same story emerges, we are all just too busy keeping up with life and making a living that we forget the real principles of what we are trying to do which is to get the rent in and create a better investment base and pension for our future.

New badly written legislation, biased tenant laws and unprecedented stealth tax grabs on us, means we are all battling every day to run our property companies and keep up. We are all the Government’s whipping boy and that will not change because we are an easy, fragmented target that they think they can exploit to cure their housing and national income problem and as important kicking us secures the the votes of 9 million tenants. Whichever way you look at it, it sure seems their mandate is to keep tenants in our properties no matter how bad they are and take the last penny in tax from us for doing so.

That is why best referencing is more than ever the only foundation to a successful property portfolio and when I started up 7 years ago I offered every landlord and letting agent the opportunity to unite to stop taking one another’s bad tenants. You would have thought that was the easiest thing in the world to do but “NO” because of the ubiquitous mentality that it will never happen to me, or my agent does it all (you hope) or, I have never had a bad tenant, but then, when we do, it is then all just all a bit too late. Letting property is a game of Russian roulette and you may fire 5 shots and get lucky for years but then one day you have just drawn the bullet into the chamber and bad referencing means you have just pulled the trigger and the consequences of that one shot can cost you everything you worked for. Stop! And think why have we forgotten the fundamental principle of, prevention is better than cure?

Anyway, now seven years later and growing at over 100 new members a week (80% of which are recommendations) landlord Referencing Services (LRS) and now is getting there as 1000’s of new tenants histories are being created stopping our members taking any of the 300 evictions carried out by landlords every week in this Country.

If we want to stop tenants ripping us off and then simply moving on, if landlords need a system that (like our credit files whereby our lenders share our borrowing data) then the real news is you already have it.

Tenant gets its tenant history data from it will show you all the data on a prospective tenant’s history that has been provided by the previous landlord or agent and not from the tenant themselves. Bad tenants cannot hide their past and therefore if they rip off one of us, then they are ripping off all of us which will result in them being refused a home with any of us. That is a very powerful message and this is why data sharing is so powerful because, like the way our national lenders and credit files unite and share data on our loans, mortgages and credit cards, Landlords have to unite together to do our referencing and then we create tenant histories. Referencing together gives us better referencing and better referencing gives us better tenants and a more solid foundation to our investments.

It is very simple if you do not want someone else’s problem tenant, then unite with your peers and register your good and bad tenants on the system. If you take a new reference with Tenant Referencing then you automatically create that tenant a tenant history file and if we all do that then the realisation is that you need never take someone else’s bad tenant ever.

How easy is it? Unbelievably so, (if we want it to happen) and here is how. All you need to do is tell 3 people about tenant because if every landlord was a member and registered their tenants both good, bad, existing and previous then 1.7 million landlords would be talking to one another and sharing their tenant data within a month. HOW?

Day 1: 3 landlords tell 3 landlords to join give us 9
Day 2: 9 Landlords tell 3 landlords to join gives us 18
Day 3: 18 Landlords tell 3 landlords to join gives us 54
Day 4: 54 Landlords tell 3 landlords to join gives us 162
Day 5: 162 Landlords tell 3 landlords to join gives us 486
Day 6: 486 Landlords tell 3 landlords to join gives us 1458
Day 7: 486 Landlords tell 3 landlords to join gives us 4374
Day 8: 4374 Landlords tell 3 landlords to join gives us 13,122
Day 9: 13,122 Landlords tell 3 landlords to join gives us 39,366
Day 10: 39,366 Landlords tell 3 landlords to join gives us 118,098
Day11: 118,098 Landlords tell 3 landlords to join gives us 354,294
Day 12: 354.294 Landlords tell 3 landlords to join gives us 1,062,882
Day 13: 1,062,882 Landlords tell 3 landlords to join gives us 3,188,646

OOPS! there are only 1.7 million private sector landlords which proves in less than 14 days, no one needs ever take another bad tenant ever again, your tenancies are all recorded and your good tenants (like their credit file) will get a better tenant history. A win, win all around except of course for those tenants who think that not paying the rent and/or smashing up our property does not matter because they are unaccountable and protected by the law. They may be protected by the law but we will all be protected by one another sharing our tenancy data.

Now, I know this is not a precise science and before someone has a go and says that they are not all going to join like the above analysis, I know that but I just wanted you to get a feel how easy over a very short period of time it is to stop taking someone else’s bad tenants. As Landlord Referencing has grown in to a full referencing portal Tenant referencing UK you can get the entire full service reference and even rent guarantee insurance at a cost less than any other referencing company. Our entire product list means you do not just get the UK’s only tenant history support and Right to Rent check, but the best packages for landlords to do the entire letting themselves.

We already have registered 25,000+ members and have databases with over 400,000+ tenants that will protect landlords and letting agents. We can all read and write these types of articles all day but the truth is, if the system already exists and 100’s of new members join us every week, why is the word not being passed as passing on the word means we are all contributing to making ourselves safer in the future. After all, if we did then every tenant in the Country would have a tenant history within a few months.

I agree that in the early days, the system was difficult and lacked products but now it is the fastest and easiest UI (user interface) in the market and offers everything to landlords from referencing and insurance right through to property management and most of the services are free. The consequences of joining are simply that you will just add to a system and create your tenant histories that will protect you better in the future.

My only message is this, Landlords do not suffer bad tenant referencing anymore, share your data, stop multiple applications and all the problems associated with them and don’t take someone else’s bad tenants, you really don’t need to.

Please Join us today and more importantly please tell 3+ others to join us too.

Thank you Neil & Mark @118 for letting me post this to your readers to bring awareness of tenant referencing UK and how landlords really do have a way of stopping us taking one another’s problem tenants.... Read More

Paul Routledge

12:24 PM, 27th October 2014, About 7 years ago

How to affect credit ratings as a landlord??

This is why we've created our Tenant Reports. Credit ratings don't tell all- just because someone is earning enough to pay the rent doesn't mean that they will or that they'll look after your property. The only truly reliable reference is going to come from the previous landlord. Our system puts you in touch with previous landlords so that you get an honest report.
So without a CCJ you can't do anything about a tenant's credit rating. You can however come and talk to us about warning other landlords and start building a Tenant Report on your previous tenants. ... Read More