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Simon Williams

10:45 AM, 15th March 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Fergus Wilson Panorama documentary - now available on iPlayer

I hope he will be making the point that when a landlord like him wants to retire, it is no longer possible to find a willing landlord to buy his business as a going concern because government policy has destroyed incentives to invest. So, the only way he can sell many of his properties is with vacant possession.... Read More

Simon Williams

15:29 PM, 11th March 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Labour want German style indefinite tenancies

And of course in Germany, a landlord is fully entitled to deduct loan interest against tax unlike here. In Germany, there is every incentive for landlords to add to supply unlike here.

The German system has winners and losers of course. The winners are those tenants who have a detailed and very checkable history of rent payment (as well as those who can afford to install their own kitchens etc). The losers are the new arrivals and/or itinerant poorer tenants who have little verification to offer because landlords won't want to take the risk. They are avoided like the plague. In the UK the latter group - poorer tenants and migrants etc - are the very tenants which Labour and others claim to be most concerned about.

Bottom line: trying to create indefinite security when demand is chasing too little supply = recipe for disaster. LLs will be choosy.

Of course we will be told that the courts will be reformed to make it quicker to evict bad tenants, so it's all going to be just fine. Yeah right.... Read More

Simon Williams

10:31 AM, 5th March 2019
About 3 weeks ago

‘No DSS’ adverts in the private rented sector

Each to their own I say. Some LL's business models work for benefit tenants and some do not. I am no way going to be popular with my student tenants if I tell them that their 6th housemate is not a student but instead an unemployed 35 year old on benefits. You have to get the mix right. That's really important for the tenants.
In truth, whatever legislation they throw at us, won't make a lot of difference because ways and means will always be found by landlords and indeed their other tenants to ensure that prospective tenants can be matched to the properties that are most suitable to their circumstances.

As for the RLA, I don't know why they seem to be pushing so much for removal of what they see as barriers. Have their members been particularly clamouring for this? I don't think so. I do sometimes wonder about the RLA's agenda.... Read More

Simon Williams

12:14 PM, 25th February 2019
About 4 weeks ago

Gold and Silver but all Red tape!

Sounds like a lot of nonsense. In 20 years of being a landlord, I have never had a tenant ask for a new toilet seat at the start of the tenancy - so there goes my chance of gold accreditation! Also, there's a lot of deep cleaning going on here - but I doubt that will survive the fees ban because you won't be able to charge the departing tenant a fee for a comprehensive deep clean.
When will these people realise that tenants will make up their own mind about whether a property that is offered to market is good or bad for the money.
It's not unlike EPC's. In theory they give a tenant a good idea of the energy efficiency of a property. In reality, new tenants just ignore them and instead ask the previous tenants (or landlord) for an idea of average bills.
And who will inspect to ensure that the kitchen and bathroom are less than 20 years old?

Only town hall bureaucrats could have dreamt up this tosh.... Read More

Simon Williams

11:56 AM, 31st January 2019
About 2 months ago

Tenants are in for a rough ride this year

It seems the stats on rents are all over the place. In December, Homelet's rental index was telling us:
"Average rents across the UK rose by 1.5% in December 2018 when compared to the same month a year previously; the average monthly rent is now £921.
Rents in London increased by 4.7% in December 2018 than in the same month of 2017; the average rent in the capital now stands at £1,596 a month."
In the end, it's all about the area and the type of property. Personally, I am experiencing no demand problems with all types of property in London and Cambridge City.
Having said that, the comments about diversifying into shares are well made - though best not to sell property until some sort of Brexit deal is agreed!... Read More