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Ronald Crane

12:16 PM, 26th January 2021, About 5 months ago

Am I being unreasonable?

If you make this poor lady pay you will not rest easy in your bed at night & you will severely dent your self image.
If you have a heart at all.
Let her go & move on.
You will be better for it... Read More

Ronald Crane

8:18 AM, 23rd July 2020, About 11 months ago

My email to Woman's Hour regarding Shelter response to no DSS

Shelter and the local councils Housing depts , by thier own admission, tell Housing tenants facing eviction, to DEFY the Court Order with its date to vacate, and to " stay put" until the Bailiffs arrive. This is "Contempt of Court" in my estimation!
Its a smack in the eye for the landlord who is trying to get possession of his property in a legitimate manner.
THIS is one big reason that landlords don,t want to entertain folk on Housing benefits with their "stay put-dont move" advice to tenants, with Shelter bending back-wards to block a landlords possession attempt.
What landlord in his right mind would want to enter this arena?!
Housing Depts and Shelter seem to forget that landlords have a choice!
With their "anti landlord" mentality they have "shot themselves in the foot" and are alienateing Housing tenants from landlords offering accommodation to let... Read More

Ronald Crane

8:30 AM, 31st May 2020, About A year ago

County Durham to be hit by largest Selective Licensing proposal yet!

This un-just proposed landlords licencing tax is being considered now in Bournemouth, Poole areas ! Its just more "Landlord Bashing! If local authorities want to squeeze more revenue from any given areas, they should raise the Council Tax.
But they wont do that will they because they,d be up-roar in those area. Instead the Councils choose to go after Landlords as a "soft option". I like many other Landlords, in selling up, are evicting long term Housing Benefit tenants who the Councils are un-able to rehouse. Land lords are doing the job for the Councils, and yet being persecuted by them!
So, come on & jointly Rebel against this un-just Licencing proposal in the Bournemouth & Poole & other areas.
We must protest to our Local Councils & M.P.s (before its too late!)
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Ronald Crane

5:40 AM, 15th January 2020, About A year ago

Landlords Victory in Liverpool

Just had a notice that all landlords & people who rent property in our Poole and Bournemouth areas are to be considered by our local Councils, to pay £330 every 5 years (+ V.A.T. ?) on each of their properties! What a "B" cheek! Just to swell the coffers of these 2 local Councils with NO justification for their plan. Landlords do an amazing service to our community in housing the home-less, as the said 2 local Councils cant / don't cope. Is this some un-justified extortion plan, or what ??
Landlords are already being hammered by increased tax demands and new government legislation against them.
Thousands are currently getting out of the business by selling up. The authorities are shooting them-selves in the foot with their anti landlord stance, as thousand of tenants will be made homeless, thus relying on their local councils for accommodation, that they simply cant provide enough of.
Message to said councils,,, STOP THE LANDLORD BASHING / PERSECUTION !!!... Read More

Ronald Crane

5:12 AM, 26th July 2018, About 3 years ago

End Section 21 petition gets nearly 50,000 signatures

Reply to the comment left by Gromit at 23/07/2018 - 10:08Please, can somebody tell me...
My tenant owed me 3 months rent.
I issued a section 21 with 2 months notice on it (3rd May to 3rd July 2018. ) The tenant refuses to leave .
When the 2 months was up, I asked a lawyer to take the next step for me, to co to the courts, to pursue the eviction.
The lawyer said he believed the judge would throw out my case as (he said) one must give at least 2 months + one day for the notice to be served!
He suggested I engage him to serve a fresh Section 21 notice and wait another 2 months (plus 1 day)
Others have since told me that my "exactly 2 months notice" is valid ! i.e. dated 3rd May to 3rd July.
Was / is my Section 21 notice dated 3rd May to 3rd July O.K.
or not ??
Any advice please...
Ronald Crane... Read More