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richard eaves

21:18 PM, 2nd August 2016
About 5 years ago

Process for lending money to Ltd Co for BTL purchases?

Thanks Paul Mullally and Tony Atkins

"I am aware *ATED would be a concern for more expensive HMOs"

I'm not great with the tax speak, but I was advised "Just to let you know for properties worth £500K and over your accountant needs to register you under ATED by 31st March 2016 to get a 'Property rental business exemption' or you will be liable to pay the charge."

As the property I am interested in purchasing is under 500K by 10-20%, I wanted to point out I was aware of the issue and at some point if I was to re-value and re-finance for example I would have to be registered for the exemption if the value was over 500K.

Happy to stand corrected if I am wrong.... Read More