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11:13 AM, 11th January 2017, About 5 years ago

Vandalism of Period Features

Hi, we had a semi in great condition except that it had a light blue bath suite (in good condition) it did not let so after 6 months empty we changed the suite to a white one and it immediately let! cannot say for definate that it was the bathroom suite but...... always remember this is a business not a way of saving the nations non-white baths... (joking) If you trust the agent then go with his advice...... good luck... Read More

shw shw

14:12 PM, 26th August 2016, About 5 years ago

Really worried and looking to sell ASAP

I have spent the last six months considering my exit strategy for 12 fully let properties, long term tenanted, yielding 6%. I am told that this is not enough yield (needs to be 8%+) which is unrealistic. I have researched sale to landlord, options, rent to buy schemes etc and there are only 2 routes I have been able to come up with: A sale to '' style company at 20-30% discount from their estimate of market value resulting in a number that does not cover costs, or to evict tenants and sell with vacant possession. Sadly this seems to be the only way which results in many unhappy tenants unable to find alternative housing. I do hope property118 is able to aggressively follow up its plans to challenge this.... Read More