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Lynne Davis

12:48 PM, 29th January 2019, About 3 years ago

No shower - It's a dirty job?

Is there something wrong with the shower that he already HAS - the one fed by the mixer tap, that he saw before taking the tenancy? If it's just hand-held then I can understand why he might request (not demand) that a wall bracket or riser rail be fitted so that he can use it hands-free, but there's absolutely no need for an electric shower. We have a shower over our bath at home that's fed from a mixer tap and it's great!... Read More

Lynne Davis

15:03 PM, 10th October 2018, About 3 years ago

Straw Poll to combat further government attacks - Please help

Of our 15 current tenancies, 11 are in HMOs so they should probably be discounted.

For the four single lets:
1. 75%
2. 3
3. Possibly 25%
4. 1
The one who might be in a position to buy at some point is a working single mum. The others are a family on benefits and a group of three friends sharing the house.

Across all our tenancies the figures are:
1. 27%
2. 4
3. 7%
4. 1

The HMO occupants are all professionals who may well be in a position to buy their own properties at some point, but they're hardly likely to buy a house in which they only rented a room.... Read More

Lynne Davis

12:40 PM, 30th June 2018, About 3 years ago

New 'How to Rent' Guide!

Reply to the comment left by Dylan Morris at 27/06/2018 - 11:55
No, you just have to issue the version that's current on the day the tenancy starts.... Read More

Lynne Davis

15:01 PM, 4th October 2015, About 6 years ago

If you have a serious complaint your Landlord cannot evict you for 6 months!

You're right Romain, it would be risky if it were all we were doing. The RLA article on the How to Rent booklet said that it's acceptable to serve it by email if the tenant agrees. We can do that too, and probably will until it becomes clear what's acceptable and what isn't... But if they're getting it electronically anyway then why not just direct them to the definitive source, where they'll always find the latest version?What I've said above is more of a backup in case there's anything we forget to do.

We do provide the tenants with a copy of the EPC when they move in anyway, but the new legislation, as I understand it, says that they have to be SHOWN (not given) the EPC AT THE VIEWING, so that they can make an informed decision. That's the bit that we're covering there -though the ruling is no help to tenants who rent without physically viewing the property first, so imo this way is better, as it gives them access to the EPC before they apply for the tenancy, regardless whether they have viewed the place.

(Apologies for any nonsense in this post - there's an annoying pink ad that I can't get rid of taking up half the window that I'm trying to type in.)... Read More

Lynne Davis

12:59 PM, 4th October 2015, About 6 years ago

If you have a serious complaint your Landlord cannot evict you for 6 months!

Reply to the comment left by "Teg's Dad" at "03/10/2015 - 15:45":

That's more or less what we're doing. We give out a handout at viewings that points them in the direction of the How to Rent booklet and the EPC Register (though we do also get them to sign a copy of EPC) and tells them we can provide a hard copy on request, then on the application form they sign a declaration that they have seen both documents.

Adding a question about serving docs by email is a good idea too - might do that. Would that allow us to serve the Prescribed Info re deposits by email instead of wasting all that paper?... Read More