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  • Busting The Great Myth of House Price Growth

    2017-04-16 13:03:17

    Interesting article. I agree and disagree ! To those of us who have had the benefit of having lived longer then we can look back at the amounts we paid for our first property. I have no doubt that many of us will probably be keeping a watchful eye on our first property (if it still exists) and se

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  • Best Offers Letting Strategy

    2017-02-17 11:45:41

    You say you approached your agents when you knew your current tenant was leaving and had been there for 10 years - and you told the Agent to market it at the same rent ! Well surely you knew that rents have increased over the years ? And if not, then any agent worth his salt would have advised you

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  • Conveyancing – Are things so much better than they used to be?

    2017-02-04 14:23:01

    I am pleased to say I have found a conveyancing office that actually keeps you updated with the progression, and a named person who will do so on a weekly basis. I checked the reviews for the firm and they were good. I am using them for a property I have just had my offer accepted so we will see whe

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  • Buying a property with vendors wanting to stay a few months?

    2017-02-03 20:29:48

    Another piece of legalise that no one ever gets prosecuted for ? I am a gas fitter and have found dozens of properties where gas appliances have been fitted by non qualified people. There are very few prosecutions for this, and if they are it is only because the installation has caused, or can poten

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  • Buying a property with vendors wanting to stay a few months?

    2017-02-01 11:14:16

    If it's of any value I am in the position you mention. I sold my house to a investor who intended to put it up for rent to the student market. Just as I was in the process of selling my Mum became terminally ill and I was going to pull out from the sale and I told the buyer this. He said another opt

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