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Gary Arnold

10:14 AM, 24th November 2020, About A year ago

EICR - Consumer Unit installed by unqualified electrician?

I am a retired qualified electrician, I do not do even any work on my properties that require Part-P certification or even the condition reports needed now under the new regulations.
Do not pay him at this stage he shouldn't have fitted it for you, firstly see if you can get him to arrange a 3rd party certification for the installation, but I suspect he wont find anyone to take that on after the event! Failing that contact building control yourself and see what they advise, it is likely they will ask you to find an electrician to certify it at your cost, again unlikely!
I think probably your only option is to arrange a Part-P certified electrician to redo the work and a lesson learned to the other guy!! Do not leave this as this is not legal and I suspect would affect your insurance should you have a problem!... Read More

Gary Arnold

15:37 PM, 30th June 2016, About 5 years ago

Expensive quotes for new build?

I think you can claim most of the VAT back from HMRC on a new build, that was the case some years ago, not sure if it is now, perhaps someone else might know.... Read More

Gary Arnold

10:26 AM, 14th May 2016, About 6 years ago

Government may look to ban Gazumping

I agree we should have a better system to lock in the deal but we are currently buying in France and the system there binds both parties together at an early stage. Great we thought but we started the process last Aug! The seller is having difficulties as the property was purchased in the equivalent of a Ltd Company with 10 family members. We should have completed in Jan! We cannot get out of the contract unless we take them to court or die or the property is burnt down!! We can try and force them to sell through the courts or ask the court for our deposit back! So whatever system we adopt needs to be very fair to both parties. In hindsight we should have had another get out clause in the contract if they didn't complete on the due date. We cannot offer on another property either as we are bound to this one so in my opinion the French system is stacked against the buyer!... Read More