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Question Everything

15:41 PM, 6th July 2020
About A week ago


Reply to the comment left by Possession Friend at 06/07/2020 - 15:07
I look forward to it, thank you for sharing... Read More

Question Everything

15:40 PM, 6th July 2020
About A week ago


Reply to the comment left by geester24 at 06/07/2020 - 14:19
I disagree. If you want to take that opinion, then you only serve to water down the argument with an Ad Hominem rather than argue against the facts of the case.

I see Phil's angst as one who actually cares to fight off fraud and bullying and to have contempt for councils is just as valid as the contempt society is being propagandised into upon landlords.... Read More

Question Everything

11:30 AM, 6th July 2020
About A week ago


Looks like I may be calling you soon! I'm having a very similar HMO status problem right now, with I believe a misinterpretation by a council (on the section 257 HMO's as "a converted block of flats") . Very synchronistic to be seeing this post. Thank you.... Read More

Question Everything

14:27 PM, 26th June 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Shelter highlights 125.5% increase in number of people claiming benefits

Couldn't agree more Kathy. My cynicism just makes me think that this has all been planned long in advance. It just seems too synchronistic that they have lobbied to make it against the law to deny DSS outright on tenant applications, and here we are with mass society joining the DSS.

May I suggest this is a worthy cause -

No conspiracy theorists, actual legal team with an actual case headed by a UK entrepreneur.... Read More

Question Everything

11:46 AM, 23rd June 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Government plans to help construction in coronavirus recovery

It's hard to not be cynical about this.

“Building the homes the country needs is central to the mission of this government and is an important part of our plans to recover from the impact of the coronavirus."

Mortgage applications in some last report are down 80% (from memory), and given so many of the country are out of work completely or will be due to the businesses that won't re-open or scale down, yet .gov wants to keep flooding the market with property, thereby decreasing demand in a recession where it can only force people further into negative equity. Which in turn creates repossessions.

I'm all for the little guy keeping an income, but they virtue-signal this as "good for the economy". Maybe what they mean is if the construction companies fail, there will be unlimited legal proceedings from investors to get their money back?

We have known for a long time that .gov has been getting large sums from the construction industries. The massive profits these companies are able to make due to the current value of property versus the cost of building plus the grants and favours being given by .gov and local .gov, basically funds the "gifts" .gov gets back to them.

It is effectively organised crime, but done in an "ever-so-polite-way". It probably also funds Shelter.

The global economic situation we have is because big business has not been allowed to fail. They have been propped up by QE and favours etc, and the stock markets are bought-up to give an image "of all is ok". Because they know they won't be allowed to fail, they just keep milking the system.

While at our end we are robbed through corrupt tax laws (S24) and excessive stamp duties, and incriminating regulations under the premise of not running sound and legitimate businesses. Anyone notice the inconsistency?

Atlas Shrugged, eventually.

On another note of corruption, please see this site
Someone is taking the legal challenge against .gov in the economic and human rights abuse they are currently committing upon all of us.... Read More