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11:42 AM, 9th April 2020
About 14 hours ago

Treasury and Bank of England announce extension to Ways and Means 'Overdraft'

Ok, so when you run out of cash to pay your credit cards, you start to take overdrafts to manage that risk of default. The difference here is that the BOE has "unlimited" cash, and so does not need to run a business like a normal bank.

This is just QE through another name, which is being played like a three card trick. The end result is that you always lose, or rather, you win the first one or two, so they can suck you in to lose everything you have in your pocket.

There is no such thing as "short term" with the current situation, look at how many trillions are being pumped into Wall St just now. Does this money need to be paid back? Yes, but not by Wall St.

So as above, the money does not need to be paid back by Our Benevolent Leaders, it gets paid back by us....... Who profits on this? Do we think the BOE is in on this for altruism sake? Do we think the Gov will foot the bill without charging it's "customers" as HMRC likes to call us now?

This is exactly what we are, we are customers (hosts) to a fantastic show of which we are told will be "short term" and the business services (parasites) of Gov and Above have rigged the show so that there is no way out and you are increasingly charged by the minute. But we feel good about it because we are told that we are kept here for our own good and "safety".

Regardless, the repayment will not be in actual money, no amount of generations could repay the debts being issued. It will be in your quality of life that repays, and that of your children's children's children, and that is a "cost" the Govs and Above are happy to pay for their security.

What is backing that debt issuance? What is the source that creates it? What do these institutions have or do that makes them have the resources to issue these debts? The answer is that they make the rules and have the might to enforce it. The abuse is that they say they do so in the manner that it is for our good.

Covid which is the excuse for this "overdraft" is the scape-goat for all manner of social and economic rigging. They have us all distracted with that "show" while they are fixing their plumbing to further drain us of our wealth and put stronger locks on the doors.

This economic collapse was due to happen regardless, they just have the perfect scenario to put the plans into action.

Get your cash outside the system ASAP, precious metals, Bitcoin, etc etc. Sure there are always risks, but the risk is increasingly becoming worth the reward. The more they inflate Fiat currency the more it will poor into scarce and fixed assets. Look at the move Gold made in the last year.

Yes, they can confiscate gold, they can outlaw Bitcoin, they can even "nationalise" your flats and houses.

Is there any synchronicity in S24 hitting full speed in 2020?
Did we not notice the infantile response by HMRC to their corrupt tax laws?
The double taxing it creates for HMRC?
Has anyone thought that it prepares this sector for making sure there are less repossessions when they pull the plug on the economy? Less evictions because of it? Therefore less strain on the banking sector and Gov?

We now have drones filming us in the streets and published on mainstream media, we have had some absurd notion we should clap BoJo because he has a runny nose. How much more totalitarian do we want to become? We are being laughed at and mocked, and feel privileged for the opportunity it seems.... Read More

Question Everything

10:52 AM, 16th March 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Queen's speech - Section 21 ban?

Reply to the comment left by Marie at 16/03/2020 - 10:35
That doesn't sound right to me, can anyone confirm or deny? What is the difference in Law whether it is Shorthold or not? An Assured Tenancy therefore just sounds much like the old Regulated Tenancy.... Read More

Question Everything

15:59 PM, 5th March 2020
About a month ago

Coronavirus may trigger Bank Base Rate cut

There's an argument that nothing will stop a down-turn. But giving free money to the boys-club means they can get out of the hole easier before they let it pop. The Covid scam is just a scape goat.... Read More

Question Everything

11:04 AM, 5th March 2020
About a month ago

Coronavirus may trigger Bank Base Rate cut

They don't need a reason, just an excuse.

Would not be surprised if they even use it as an excuse for the next recession.

Circus.... Read More

Question Everything

13:40 PM, 7th February 2020
About 2 months ago

R.I.P. David Knox - A.K.A. "Appalled Landlord"

I feel privileged for his insight and critique... Read More