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17:26 PM, 24th August 2021, About 2 months ago

Dropped a pole on the neighbour's roof?

This happened to me, but our roof got damaged.
Our neighbour had a bunch of young lads painting her house and they just jumped all over our roof to paint her gable end.
They broke about 25 slates - I just simply showed my neighbours photos of the roof before and after and she agreed to cover the cost and try to get it back from the contractor. The cost for her was minimal as my roofer is fantastic and doesn't rip anyone off.
Ultimately, if the scaffolder won't pay up or doesn't have insurance the owner of the other house cannot just be left with a damaged roof, but equally they have to be fair and realistic.
This is not a legal input, but more an ethical responsibility to make sure the owner is not out of pocket.
I they are trying to get a huge payout I would insist on photos of the roof before to prove that it wasn't already damaged. If they don't have any it may make them a little more realistic.... Read More


17:55 PM, 27th June 2016, About 5 years ago

Caught out by tenant paying council tax at another property?

I think the council have misadvised you - I am refurbishing three terraced cottages and pay council tax on all of them, plus my own home. So unless there is a specific rule for rental properties, rather than for owning them I would question them about it.

Good luck... Read More