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Thursday 28th April 2016

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Jayne Lovett

12:47 PM, 30th August 2016
About 5 years ago

Property118 Action Group vs Bank of Ireland

I have mortgage with Skipton -Amber Home loans and my interest rate is 4.99% which is tracker rate. I would like to sign up to become a member and be part of the campaign against this building society if you still intend to pursue them too?... Read More

Jayne Lovett

12:21 PM, 27th June 2016
About 5 years ago

Mortgage Lenders Getting Defensive

Hi all
great news re West Bromwich victory.

My mortgage is with Skipton -Amber home loans....I am a bit confused because my interest rate hike was in December 2008- at least a year earlier that what is generally been discussed- I was advised by letter that:
"following the recent change in the Bank base rate it has been decided to change your mortgage rate to 4.99% with effect from December 2008"

That increased my payments by £235.00 per month and the rate had actually gone down!!!!! Will I be able to claim with your group?

it has remained at 4.99% ever since... Read More

Jayne Lovett

11:38 AM, 28th April 2016
About 5 years ago

Court of Appeal Date - West Brom Tracker Case

I am interested in this case as I have had the same interest hike from the Skipton building society in 2009 and now have a 4.99% tracker. I wish everyone the best of luck today.... Read More