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kevin Callaghan

20:18 PM, 6th March 2012
About 8 years ago

What do April '12 changes to EPC’s mean to us as landlords?

Thanks for article on EPCs Mary.
I have several shared houses and pay all the bills for the properties and naturally I have taken every messure I can to insulate and reduce energy wastage.  None of my properties have been unoccupied for five years.  Do these new regulations apply to my situation as I would in effect be producing this meaningless piece of paper for myself at my own expence?
Any thoughts,
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kevin Callaghan

18:48 PM, 7th January 2012
About 8 years ago

The GOOD Landlords Campaign

Yes I support anything that promotes good landlords. 
Lets face it we need all the help we can get; most of us provide good honest
service and get precious little in return.

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