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Kay Landlord

9:03 AM, 5th February 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Giving personal guarantees for a limited company?

PGs are rather a commercial covenant and I think grossly unfair for a simple BTL mortgage product even if it’s for a company purchase . if all the lenders are now adopting this For BTL , I don’t see the point of purchasing in a LTD Co ( I appreciate the s24 mitigation, however ) if these terms are now the norm, you might as well go and obtain a vanilla commercial loan. You may be better getting a lump of cash that way which could free you up to purchase as you please. has your broker looked at alternative lenders?... Read More

Kay Landlord

9:43 AM, 15th November 2019
About 3 months ago

Shelter blame B&Bs on private landlords!

So are the landlord community going to formally respond to this incorrect statement?
How do we let them know that they are sending out lies?... Read More

Kay Landlord

8:20 AM, 19th July 2019
About 7 months ago

Debt collector nonsense - Get your time at £19 per hour

I’ve had this issue with Lowell over tenants’s unpaid utility bills and they demanded my date of birth before they would discuss the property addresses. I refused of course. Brilliant points Fergus and thank you for sharing.
Last year, i sued a well know bailiff for my time but I justified the hourly rate at 65.00 as that’s what I’m worth. I also included in my demand to them, late payment fees of £35 per month as they took 4 months to return an overpayment. They enjoy the benefit of enforcement fees so we should have the right to charge them... Read More

Kay Landlord

12:36 PM, 21st May 2019
About 9 months ago

Privatisation of the Private Sector Landlord?

So who do we vote for in these strange times. As a landlord for 15 years, I've always voted conservative but who out of all the parties, supports us the best?... Read More

Kay Landlord

8:48 AM, 11th May 2019
About 9 months ago

Landlords waiting longer to repossess properties at average 17.3 weeks!

I feel your pain. I Just got my property back after 7 months In the courts and no rent for 12 months. Tenants still owe me 18k but have counter claimed me so I’ve only got judgment on part of the money order currently. It was frustrating to watch him lie out of his back teeth to the duty Solictor and smirk at me during the 3rd hearing. They were real professional non payers and after getting back in to the house I discovered 5 identities they have used. Ive gone to the police. They smeared food everywhere in the hope of attracting vermin and deliberately broke something small in each room. I will not ever let anyone in my properties without rent guarantee product or a guarantor in place again. I have 2 more evictions to go-
One has knocked down my wall so I’ve lost a whole room and keeps rent arrears just under 8 weeks so I only have section 21 to rely on.

Another owes 4k and deliberately cancelled her UC and just won’t leave until her new place has been decorated so I’m told. I am tempted to pay for a removal van can just to get her out of my life.
I just wrote on the NLA postcard campaign that the government must be very careful to put in place proper steps to ensure there is a lawful balance in law if section 21 is going or being changed. We must be able to get our properties back quickly and be able to end a tenancy in the event of debt, damage, refurbishment and sale ( I had to raise the point that the section 24 tax changes are forcing some of us to sell one or two to pay tax on non existent income as well.

What I don’t understand is that there are nearly 2 million landlords, possibly 5.4 million private tenancies and perhaps only a few hundred thousand of these 2 million landlords who have stood up and helped campaign veraciously for our industry. How can we get more landlords involved?... Read More