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Kay Landlord

7:48 AM, 28th March 2020, About A year ago

Covid-19 - Which BTL Lenders Are Playing Ball?

No letters from BM at all and can’t get through but website says rates will be reduced from 1st April
Any news on Topaz ( Siberite) ? Tried to call and gave up after nearly an hour on hold.
Would be amazing to recapitalise a 3 month holiday but I couldn’t jeopardise my credit rating?... Read More

Kay Landlord

10:00 AM, 25th March 2020, About A year ago

We want to help - Recovering deferred rent?

I’ve had some contact me already-
One wanted a 50% reduction until he’s back in full time work and the other I’ve just negotiated 75% of the full rent. I just couldn't afford to give any of them a 3 month Rental holiday to some of my tenants —- I can’t see my lenders being flexible on our semi commercial loans. I politely explained to them that any money will have to be paid back later anyway

Anyone spoken with our lenders ?... Read More

Kay Landlord

9:03 AM, 5th February 2020, About A year ago

Giving personal guarantees for a limited company?

PGs are rather a commercial covenant and I think grossly unfair for a simple BTL mortgage product even if it’s for a company purchase . if all the lenders are now adopting this For BTL , I don’t see the point of purchasing in a LTD Co ( I appreciate the s24 mitigation, however ) if these terms are now the norm, you might as well go and obtain a vanilla commercial loan. You may be better getting a lump of cash that way which could free you up to purchase as you please. has your broker looked at alternative lenders?... Read More

Kay Landlord

9:43 AM, 15th November 2019, About 2 years ago

Shelter blame B&Bs on private landlords!

So are the landlord community going to formally respond to this incorrect statement?
How do we let them know that they are sending out lies?... Read More

Kay Landlord

8:20 AM, 19th July 2019, About 2 years ago

Debt collector nonsense - Get your time at £19 per hour

I’ve had this issue with Lowell over tenants’s unpaid utility bills and they demanded my date of birth before they would discuss the property addresses. I refused of course. Brilliant points Fergus and thank you for sharing.
Last year, i sued a well know bailiff for my time but I justified the hourly rate at 65.00 as that’s what I’m worth. I also included in my demand to them, late payment fees of £35 per month as they took 4 months to return an overpayment. They enjoy the benefit of enforcement fees so we should have the right to charge them... Read More