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Kay Landlord

4:40 AM, 14th September 2018
About 7 months ago

End of the Road

How do we all work together to get our voices heard louder than the 90k members NLA and and RLA have ?

Also, What is the plan so at least we get the extra 80, 000 signatures required for section 24 to be at least discussed in Parliament? Are there any other petitions available? This is one I can find?

I would think there will be some louder voices of discomfort by Jan next year when tax bills are due.

Is there anything we can do as a group to get access the 1.25 million landlords out there?... Read More

Kay Landlord

9:14 AM, 15th May 2018
About 11 months ago

Reintroduce mortgage interest relief and drop 3% stamp duty surcharge

OK nearly 4000 signatures this morning.
We need 100k

how are we going to get this done? Would the landlord unions help? How can we spread the word. There are at 1 million landlords out there!... Read More

Kay Landlord

7:18 AM, 1st May 2018
About 12 months ago

Far Infrared heating panels - if only EPC rules were logical

I use these now and think they are very good.
My tenants love them too. I want to carry on buying them and they are great at helping to remove humidity too. Perhaps it would be good idea to write to the EPC body and see if they are considering any changes to their measurement process?... Read More

Kay Landlord

9:01 AM, 15th September 2017
About 2 years ago

Is Government approach to housing short sighted?

Yes there could be lots of incentives. I'm still stuck with a few 'empties' . A Landlord's nightmare is paying the mortgage on the smashed up property, then being liable for 150% council tax for an empty home and having trouble raising the cash to do property up so you can let it out. I've been very fortunate, at one time I had 7 empty properties and through blood, sweat and tears I've got 5 bank into use. I've looked at JVs with willing tenants, borrowed from friends and looked at charity schemes as well. At anytime, there has been little government assistance and the councils only have limited funds now. The long term lease schemes are not allowed by mortgage lenders, So we are reliant on very few charity based schemes-available to help with bringing a homes back into use. But certainly not not enough.... Read More

Kay Landlord

9:47 AM, 13th August 2017
About 2 years ago

Sale and Rent Back Court Case Wreaks Havoc

Absolutely agree with you, Mark on all points and yes, we risk losing our livelihood and could face bankruptcy- but it might be worth warning the tenants of the consequences of trying this trick whilst we watch it play out in the courts with further test cases. Surely we should have some protection with as AST. Perhaps those landlords with SARBS should review their ASTs... Read More