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Joe Pearson

8:58 AM, 6th August 2014
About 6 years ago

Newbie to Self-Management

Reply to the comment left by "Tessa Shepperson" at "06/08/2014 - 08:45":

Hi Darren,
I have been a Landlod for many years and also decided to DIY the management and also the lettings.. Margins are not huge in this business and after a few catastrophic experiences with some letting agents, I concluded that monkeys would be more qualified and less gready..

I joined the NLA (National Landlods Association) and this has been a fantastic tool for me to help me in my business. First of all, they have a very well organised on-line library. I also recently got myself accredited as a Landlord by learning on-line everything a Landlord needs to know and passing the little exams on-line. I sadly also had to evict a tenant and they helped me and guided me on how to fill the forms and when to send them.. So no need to lose even more koney with lawyers when u have already lost a few months of rents..
I am myself with the NLA, but I am sure some other Landlords Associations such as the RLA play similar roles and are as helpful.

Joe... Read More

Joe Pearson

16:59 PM, 4th September 2013
About 7 years ago

Landlord Licensing Schemes - Raising Standards or Raising Funds?


I totally agree with previous reader: just a money grabbing scheme by desperate Councils that have seen the central government cutting their subsidies by 40%.

Although the licensing schemes are not supposed to be used for anything else than "improving the Private Rented Sector" by the "benevolent and surely very competent (Joke)!" interventions by the Council employees... I would not be surprised the licensing fees will be very welcome to fill the numerous gaps left by their incompetent management of finances.

Please alert the readers that Haringey Council are currently running a "Consultation" until the 10th October to try and extend the licensing to even small HMOs, asking questions in such a way as to imply that there are a number of problems in Haringey all caused by HMOs... and the only way to tackle this problem is by the Council having more HMO licensing.

This is the link to their questionnaire:

It is important to express our views and stop this (and by the way if you respond that you think there are fly-tipping problems, drunks in the street, and that you think that it is the Landlords and Agents responsibility to look after their properties... these apparently are arguments in favour of HMO licensing!!! so be careful the way you reply... Read More

Joe Pearson

16:30 PM, 16th August 2013
About 7 years ago

HMO Licensing Fees - Oxford Council Humiliated

Reply to the comment left by " " at "21/11/2012 - 08:50":

There are already a number of measures in place in terms of health and safety to regulate the Private Rented Sector (smoke alarms, gas certificates etc etc), HMO licensing is ONLY a money grabbing scheme by the Councils in order to fill the financial gaps created often by their incompetence in managing money.

This is the case for Haringey Council, who is now trying to extend the HMO licensing to all types of HMO (less than 3 storeys). They are doing a so-called consultation -of course in the summer months when nobody would notice- on their website where the questions have been crafted in such a way that anyone filling it is swayed towards agreeing that "improving standards" would be the consequence of the Council benevolent meddling and intervention, nothing else...

I wrote to my tenants and explained to them that that the impact of thie HMO licensing will be higher rents and less choice for them. I am not only concerned by the cost of the license but also by the spurious changes that they will require: Leeds introduced licensing for all properties a couple of years ago. A friend of mine owned a property there that was yielding only £350 a month. The council inspected her property and asked her to make 34 changes costing her more than the yearly rent -and she is not a rogue Landlord-, some of the changes required were totally spurious. After paying the license fee, making the changes and losing the money, she ended up selling that property!

I have asked my tenants to fill the survey of Haringey Council and tell Haringey Council that they did not want HMO licensing.

Please warn your readers about this, especially if there are any landlords with HMO in Haringey. These landlords should ask their tenants to fill this online questionnaire that can be found on Haringey council website and these landlords should explain the potential consequences to their tenants.

If they go ahead with this licensing scheme, I, for one, will convert my shared houses into single units: the yield for HMO is higher for a good reason: there is a lot more work in lettings and management to do than for a single unit. If the costs and the aggro resulting from council meddling rise further, I AM OUT! Then the Council will have to find the resources of housing my perfectly decent tenants, but they are all on low wages and an only afford to pay around £400 a month for a room...... Read More