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Elisabeth Beckett

9:15 AM, 21st August 2017
About 2 years ago

Six ways to use property data to earn more from property

Although easy to use I think the data is misconstruing the situation because there are many properties in the area that I searched that are HMO's and rented by the room by spare room and gumtree. It didn't show ANY 3 or 4 bedroomed properties as it appears to miss this information completely and of course the rental on an HMO, from my experience, is much higher per property. I would suggest if you look at somewhere like Cambridge also where 6 bed HMO's renting at £500-750pm per room, a novice newby would never realise these were possible so the data should really analyse the spareroom type data too on rooms to rent. Hope this is hopeful suggestion. My 2 bedroom one bathroom properties in Bristol were converted to 3 and 4 bed with at least two showrooms, the rental in that area is showing as around £200pw, mine are double that.... Read More

Elisabeth Beckett

18:07 PM, 21st March 2016
About 4 years ago

Campbell Robb - Why are you supporting the Tenant Tax?

What a great letter Ros. I have been pursuing this through my local MP Nick Boles, having had a meeting a few weeks ago through an appointment at his surgery. I am starting to put my rents up in readiness for this onerous tax. My point is that if we, as landlords, have to pay tax on turnover, so should all the plumbers, electricians, builders, roofers etc. My property portfolio is a self employment business like any of those so of course I should be paying on profit not turnover. If this is the case, I have no choice but to pass the cost on, like a business having VAT added to it's products for the first time. This is not a fair tax - we bought our properties having worked out the margins - it will stop me upgrading my properties on a regular basis. If MP's were told they had to pay 10% stamp duty on their property if they bought it in the last 10 years they would think that unfair. If the tax is to come in, it should be on new purchasers then landlords would have the ability to decide not to buy more BTL properties if the figures didn't stack up. My properties are HMO's mostly with four bedrooms and not one of my tenants either wants to or is able to purchase their own property. If there was a shortage of these sorts of properties on the market, there would be no estate agents. This tax should also be for Housing Association and council property and they should not be able to offset their costs/offices/pensions/etc against the income either. It would cripple them.
Keep up the good work, Ros - we need people like you pounding the drum for all of us. All landlords should be contacting their MP's - if there is enough noise about it, this might get quashed.... Read More