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Michael Bond

19:50 PM, 16th August 2013, About 8 years ago

Bedroom Tax affecting private landlords?!!!

Many thanks to everyone who has commented. I think I may have been a bit slow here. I have had a tenant those HB/LHA was reduced from the start because she had a "spare" bedroom but in her case there were other factors. Now I am confident that I understand the system. I don't suppose that I was the only landlord who was confused and now understands.... Read More

Michael Bond

13:18 PM, 14th August 2013, About 8 years ago

Bedroom Tax affecting private landlords?!!!

Thank you. This makes it all very clear. I agree in principle with the government's attempts to make the benefit system more sensible .Like everyone else I am much less happy when it affects me adversely!

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Michael Bond

10:53 AM, 14th August 2013, About 8 years ago

Stung by the £500pw Benefit Cap, no rent being paid - Help!

I had thought that the "bedroom tax" only applied to working age tenants on Housing Benefit (or equivalent), and living in Council or Housing Association accommodation. This belief was based on a very clear briefing document written by the Housing Manager of our local Purbeck District Council and given to me by the Chairman of housing. The point being that accommodation built with a hefty subsidy of tax payers' money should not be under occupied. That was until one of my tenants had her Housing Benefit payments reduced when her student daughter went off to college. I therefore referred back to the Chairman of Housing/Housing Manager. They confirmed that the original brief is correct, and these provisions to reduce under occupancy apply only to Council & Housing Association accommodation. I don't yet know what can be done to get Benefit offices to apply the law as it is rather than as they might like it to be. Any suggestions?

( In spite of my website and email address I am a landlord who also lets holiday cottages , rather than the other way about.)

** MODERATOR COMMENT - New thread regarding Bedroom Tax started here >>> http://www.property118.com/bedroom-tax-affecting-private-landlords/42313/ **... Read More

Michael Bond

11:29 AM, 2nd July 2013, About 8 years ago

Help needed to evict a problem lodger

I have no relevant professsional qualifications, but 2 things seem to me to be at the heart of this:
1. The lodger came into the property as a lodger and as such has very few rights, being present only on license, even though in this case there is no written license.
2. If she is trying to claim that she is now a tenant she must show that she is paying rent, or is supposed to be paying rent. You can't have a "rent free" tenancy. If there is no rent there is no tenancy. To do this she would have to describe how she came into the the flat in the first place and why she is no longer making any payments. This might well blow her own case out of the water.
But the best get professional legal advice from a firm who specialise in property matters. Don't go to your local friendly branch of Bumble and Shafter, general high street solicitors. As has already been said it will save you money in the end.... Read More

Michael Bond

12:48 PM, 28th May 2013, About 8 years ago

Smoke drift between flats

I am confused by Mike Rolph's terminology. He refers to the occupant of the flat who smokes as a leaseholder, that is the "owner" of his flat, or technically the owner of a long lease of perhaps 99 years on it. He then refers to the "landlord". Does he mean the freeholder? Perhaps Mike owns the freehold of the block and retains ownership of some of the flats while having sold long leases on others. This raises the question of how the block is managed.

If the flat of the smoker has been sold the responsibility for this problem lies with whatever management structure is in place. In the case of so large a block it is likely to be a management company, and the company has the problem of resolving the situation. If the leaseholders ("owners") are shareholders in the company it would be up to the smoker and his neighbour to argue their cases to convince their fellow shareholders, who may include Mike, as to who if anyone pays for any measures that are agreed.

If both ocupiers are tenants of Mike the most pragmatic solution might be to give one of them a Section 21 Notice to leave!

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