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Alina A

10:39 AM, 18th May 2020
About 6 months ago

Buyer asking for further reduction due to current situation?

One argument we used in a similar situation was that FUTURE works will benefit the future owner over the long term of their ownership and therefore fall into the cost of such ownership, so you do not feel you should be funding them. Worked in our case. Major works in council flats will get ages to be assessed, carried out and invoiced, so I would not recommend looking into retainer, unless it's time bound. On indemnity insurance, compare the cost of it versus getting retrospective approval from building control for the boiler installation. You would need this next time around you try to sell. Apart from building control consent there is also freeholder consent that is often required from the management company prior to changing the boiler (check your lease and also information on the council's site for leaseholders on this). I think insurance may be a cheaper and faster option than getting these sorted. I would then give the buyer a hard deadline to exchange contracts.... Read More