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Chris Chance

19:38 PM, 11th November 2016, About 6 years ago

Council Freedom of Information Request Refused

This is my 2 cents worth.
I think that you are barking up the wrong tree. The issue is not his qualification but his Competence. Taking what the LA are stating at face value, lets proceed on the basis that he is qualified, so if you are provided with the information as to his qualification, then it does not help you. You may have won a battle of wills, but it provides you with no practical assistance.

You have to challenge his Competence. To challenge the competency of a professional you need another professional. I commend you on gaining your qualification but it cannot be you because you are not impartial, as they are your properties. I dont know the cost consequences and if my suggestions are cost effective, but if they are then I suggest that as recommended earlier you have his inspections video taped, the LA cannot prevent you doing that in your own property as long as they tenants agree when it is in their room. Then you get an independent inspector to also prepare a report, I would not suggest the teacher at this stage. Try to get the independent report as near as possible to the same time as the "bad" report. If you can get it straight after that would be ideal. That prevents the argument that it was different on that day for x reason. If you have the "bad" inspection video taped, then it also reduces the excuse of what did and did not happen. Then when you get the bad report you send it together with your reliable report to the LA and say that you do not agree with the "bad" recommendations because you do not believe that they are reliable. The LA cannot ignore this, I think that they would be negligent to do so. If you are able to do this for enough properties they will have to do something. I also suggest that you do not use the same alternative inspector, because that will allow the LA to say that it is just a difference of approach/technique, but if they have for example 5 different inspectors all disagreeing with the "bad" inspector they are in an extremely difficult position to ignore the documentation. Likely they will then set up a tribunal or some sort of hearing, you then ask for it to be dealt with on a paper only basis, that is you dont need to attend. THEN for that hearing you get the teacher to look at all the reports of the "bad" inspector and pull them to bits. In that report the teacher should list his qualifications, experience and teaching experience. In effect you will be relying on him as an expert. With that wealth of independent criticism, the LA will be in an extremely difficult position to seek to rely on the recommendations of the "bad" inspector.

I dont know the procedural correctness of what I have stated above, but hopefully you get my point that the real issue is competance not qualification. Only a professional can reliably contradict another professional in court/tribunal when it comes to professional opinion, and if it is not documentated it never happened. So get your paperwork in order, and put the LA in a difficult position whereby they are forced to look at the competance of the inspector.

I welcome your feedback on my comments.
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Chris Chance

15:20 PM, 2nd April 2016, About 6 years ago

Buy to Let starting out - Families DSS Student HMO?

Hi Stephen,
This is not the advice that I assumed you expected to receive on a property site but here is my 2 cents worth.

Take the 400k, divide it into £75k chunks and invest it in different banks/building society to ensure that it is fully covered by the FSCS protection. If you are lucky you might get a wonderful 1%!, but is should be safe.

Keep your mouth shut about your windfall, and continue as the old unemployed Stephen. No flash new cars, or bimbo blond.

Definitely do not move to be near to your "friends" the realtor and builder. Friends and business is not an easy mix. I invested in a property on the advice of a "friend" realtor and builder, and got royally screwed, and not the lovely orgasmic type that you see in the movies.

Take a year out on developing yourself. Get fit, get healthy, get some hobbies, make new friends, travel, both in UK and abroad, do some good deeds, widen your network, study etc etc.

Now maybe I am not greedy enough but £460k at 55, with no mortgage debt is a great place to be in. How much more do you want to get? My personal opinion is that the real estate game is in for a rough ride at the moment, and you are in a fortunate position to sit back and watch it play out. It's all well and good when you hear the stories of millionaires made in real estate, but it is a long term investment, and can be a lot of hassle and some real stress.

So take a year out, balance yourself emotionally, read, research, enjoy, and then at the end of the year, make some reasoned, thought out decisions, about your future generally, your investments and real estate if that is the way you opt to go.
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Chris Chance

14:01 PM, 19th February 2016, About 6 years ago

Judicial Review - Landlord Tax Grab

Hi Monty,
If the legislation has been enacted it will remain in place unless and until it is overturned. It is possible for the application to include an application for a "stay", that is, that the legislation not to be effected until the case is heard, but as the law does not become effective for some time then I consider that unlikely (unless the case takes so long to determine,then the court may have to deal with the issue of a stay, until the matter is tried)

What I assume the JR application will have included is an application that it be determined urgently because of the seriousness of the matter. If that is the case then the court will set a hearing to determine the timetable.

If at the conclusion of the matter it is determined that the Governement acted improperly then what actually happens will be determined by what the court says. That is the court may say that it is unlawful in totality and then it will be thrown out in its totality, or it may say that a specific part of the legislation is unlawful, and that would leave it open to the government to tinker with the act to remedy the defect as outlined by the court.

All of the above is very rough generalisations, and I stand to be corrected.

I have been watching the sites for an update, but see nothing. I assume everyone has been franticly working on the submissions, and I am hopeful that over the weekend someone may have the time to draft something to inform the public what is actually happening with the case.... Read More

Chris Chance

21:13 PM, 17th February 2016, About 6 years ago

Judicial Review - Landlord Tax Grab

I suppose for me the question is what is representation? Yes responding to government white papers etc is representing, however if something is done against your membership that threatens the very principle of who they are, and you don't at least suggest a means to take it on, then in my view that is not proper representation. If your employer decides to cut your pay in half a decent Union will not just write to the employer and say bad boy, but they will consult appropriate professionals, and where necessary will at least as a minimum advise you of the options including court, and an active union would have a representative for you in that process. Look at the NRA in the States, we all know that gun control is reasonable but the gun lobby is so strong that the government of any colour will not take them on. In my view here in the UK, landlords should have similar clout, and one reason why they don't is because they know that the organisations that are meant to represent LLs have no spine and teeth, and are happy to work with them in the consultative process. I work in the representation/negotiation business and I know that regardless of what is on paper, the personalities involved are a crucial factor in the negotiations. The government knows that the NLA and RLA are happy to collect pay packets from the membership, but will not put themselves or the organisations on the line. Think about it, this proposal goes to the heart of those that they say they represent. You cannot get more impactful than real potential bankcruptcies. Their response nothing. To me in this day and age where information is so freely available via the net, and where net working is so easy via emails, then if these organisations aren't prepared to take on these very real fundamental issues, then I seriously question their value.
As regards your suggestion on majority membership that does not hold water really. When you represent someone you do so to the best of your ability, if you are not able to because the views of the majority outweigh the views of the minority then you have a conflict of interest situation and the professional should cease to represent the minority. And following your argument, if the organisations feel unable to represent the small individual owner because they are not incorporated, and have encumbered properties, then they should discontinue respresenting them. That supports my argument that they have failed their membership (small unincorporated encumbered) and those members would be better served by an organisation that does represent them including taking on a battle which threatens the heart of their existence.

So I say again we need either different organisations or different leadership of those organisations. To me given the current climate, which only appears will get worse, the private LL will be completely screwed if the status quo remains.... Read More

Chris Chance

19:45 PM, 17th February 2016, About 6 years ago

Judicial Review - Landlord Tax Grab

Hi Barry,
Not seen open letter or anything, searched and it came up blank, would you mind posting the link.... Read More