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Eric Osman

11:18 AM, 22nd September 2014, About 7 years ago

Can't trace suspected leak from flat above

1/I believe this to be one of the defined hazards under HHSRS. Hence get local authority environmental health involved. Could come under either hazard 1[damp and mould growth] or hazard 17[Personal hygiene, sanitation, and drainage].
2/It is possible that the shower has not been installed properly. It could be that there is insufficient or no mastic between wall and shower base. If this is the case, then the shower will need to be reinstalled by someone who is a professional. In connection with this, the floor under the base may not be level or move under the weight of the person showering.
3/The wall behind the tiles forming part of the enclosure needs to be lined with something if the tiles form part of a shower enclosure. You can find out more about
what to line it with if you visit a tile shop[eg Topps tiles] and have a chat with them. The lining can come either as a roll of film or a paste.
4/I have known situations where the waste pipe under the base has not been connected properly. This can obviously lead to escape of waste water.... Read More

Eric Osman

12:26 PM, 12th August 2013, About 8 years ago

Landlord Licensing Schemes - Raising Standards or Raising Funds?

Can anyone describe for me the process, that connects universal licensing to identifying rogue landlords. Just how does it work? Rogue landlords, by their nature make sure that they stay under the radar. The only way to root out bad landlords is for enviromental health officers to walk around the borough.... Read More

Eric Osman

10:38 AM, 3rd July 2011, About 10 years ago

Give buy to let more tax breaks, urges Paragon MD

One of the things that landlords need to do is a risk assessment under HHSRS. I suggest that any capital expenditure arising from HHSRS risk assessment should be deductable from rental income. The sort of thing that I have in mind is the installation of fire alarms or fire doors. Other landlords may be able to offer other examples.... Read More