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Mark Evans

10:47 AM, 19th April 2016, About 5 years ago

Stuck letting out a property as HMO with a BTL Mortgage

I had something similar recently on my two BTL houses in Brighton. The council have expanded their HMO licensing scheme so I had no choice but to apply for a licence and hence my lender was notified (Platform). They did initially send me a letter saying i was in breach of my mortgage. I had my broker call them and I wrote to them - it now seems settled as OK, but this is mainly because in effect it is not full HMO - I still have a single AST contract per house for four sharers and that seemed to be the key for them. I would suggest talking to your lender or have your broker do it - they have "rules" but these are sometimes flexible. My broker did also tell me there are still some BTL lenders who do HMO loans - in Brighton it is a booming business with HMO houses being sold for way over market value!... Read More

Mark Evans

10:06 AM, 23rd February 2016, About 6 years ago

Can rent be collected after death by the executors?

I am also updating my Will and was looking into this area. My solicitor suggested I would need to check the details of my BTL mortgages. I wrote to Platform Mortgages and with this lender and my situation it would mean on my death that the properties would need to be sold. They are solely in my name but even if I wanted to leave them to my partner in my Will the lender would consider the mortgage agreement ends on my death hence the properties have to be sold. I think different lenders take different views so you would need to check. Hope this helps.... Read More