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Liz Buckland

20:04 PM, 26th February 2021, About 11 months ago

EPC score is a moving target and a joke?

There is a petition which a landlord has raised to 'Overhaul current, flawed EPCs so that they are fair, accurate & relevant.' Please sign it asap as they are at ridiculous and totally innacurate at the moment
Here is the link: Read More

Liz Buckland

10:30 AM, 17th February 2021, About 11 months ago

Surely I am not the only landlord worried about new EPC requirements?

Hi All. There is an open petition to ask that the EPC be 'fair, accurate and relevant'. Here is the link
The criteria that the assessors use is outdated by miles! My flat has electric heating and it was marked down because there was no boiler. It's ground floor of three storeys and was marked down because there was no roof insulation. The perceived savings were more than the tenant pays a year. They are a bad joke as they stand and need some common sense applied.... Read More

Liz Buckland

20:53 PM, 29th August 2020, About A year ago

Tenant eviction ban is bad news for All

Such sense spoken in the video, with an extensive knowledge of the market and its problems. Excellent.... Read More

Liz Buckland

10:34 AM, 6th April 2020, About 2 years ago

Government must give clear statement on rental payments

I sent a copy of the 21 page ' Consolidate guide to landlords and tenants Covid19' the Govt document issued last week, and which was published on your daily missives, to my tenant. This clearly states that tenants should continue paying rent. She was very grateful to see it as it also addresses what could be a potentially difficult conversation, and offers advice to tenants on 3rd party resources.... Read More

Liz Buckland

16:44 PM, 19th March 2020, About 2 years ago

Three month mortgage payment holiday extended to Buy to Let

Reply to the comment left by Hardworking Landlord at 19/03/2020 - 07:37
According to another LL site, I believe the situation is that NO New S21's should be issued, so those of us with them in place prior to the directive should be able to continue with the process already started.... if anyone has any other info please let us know.... Read More