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Parm Lal

17:07 PM, 7th May 2020, About A year ago

Tax Consultation Testimonials

Section 24 changed everything for us.
As portfolio landlords with one partner being a high rate tax payer the future didn’t look to good with the introduction of the tax changes.
I knew we had to plan for this but it was really difficult to find someone who understood the challenges and could advise a way forward that would suit our circumstances.
Having spent a lot of time researching I decided that P118 were going to be the best team to advise us, so I arranged the first consultation.
Since then we have now incorporated the rental business and I can sincerely say using the P118 team to do this was the best decision I have made to date.
I have already recommended them to several colleagues and will continue to do so going forward.... Read More

Parm Lal

10:59 AM, 2nd June 2017, About 4 years ago

Moving properties to my wife to save tax


Is stamp duty payable If husband and wife who jointly own a BTL decide to change it to tenants in common with a declaration of trust to allow all income and mortgage debt to be assigned to the wife, and submit an S17?... Read More

Parm Lal

9:06 AM, 26th April 2017, About 4 years ago

Working with your local council

Going forward I'd recommend you use a local planning consultant to handle the entire application through to approval. It's an additional cost to consider but in my experience well worth the money if your loooking for a positive result.... Read More

Parm Lal

8:59 AM, 19th April 2017, About 4 years ago

Major Breakthrough in Landlord Tax Planning

Mark, What is the process and cost structure for setting up a BICT?... Read More