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Ray Konijn

12:23 PM, 12th February 2016
About 4 years ago

Letter template for Landlords to send to local Councils

Good letter - right on the button. I am sending it to our local councilors and MP but with a few changes, taking out the "we" and "our". This letter should read in the third person as if it were from a member of the public's point of view and not a disgruntled landlord resulting in likely dismissal. If there is a facility for editing, I would like to propose that these few very minor tweaks (about 5 of them) are made before people copy and paste. Thanks.... Read More

Ray Konijn

13:10 PM, 6th February 2016
About 4 years ago

Open Letter To Grant Shapps and the BBC - Clause 24

Excellent letter Rachel.

Last week I wrote a more simplistic letter to my M.P. on the same tack. No acknowledgement received so far.....

Dear Mr Merriman,


I am writing to let you know that for over 40 years I have been a loyal and dedicated Conservative voter and supporter of your own excellent work in your constituency, and the reason why I shall regrettably no longer.

Clause 24 prevents landlords from claiming tax relief on mortgages which should be a legitimate business expense. The impact of the unfair Landlord stealth tax has not been properly researched and has been driven through by George Osborne without prior consultation. The consequence of this lunacy will mean that Landlords will inevitably be forced to either sell or more likely to raise rents substantially so the real victims will be the poor rather than cash-rich mortgage-free landlords or property companies with large portfolios. George Osborn is arrogantly targeting the wrong people to claw in funds to swell the empty coffers misguidedly thinking that landlords are an easy soft option who will offer up little resistance. The legality of this stealth tax is in question and shortly to be challenged at judicial review under the Human Rights International Laws.

I realise that I am but a single voice - but please be aware that there is a growing sea of irate single voices out there who will not forget Mr Osborne's stubborn refusal to reverse his mistake who will not hesitate to cancel their next Conservative vote next time you need it - just like me.

Before you respond and try to recover my vote (which you won't - unless this tax is reversed), you may like to grasp the growing feeling of resentment by listening to these two short radio interviews and one short TV interview:



Thanking you for your attention,

Yours Sincerely,


p.s. You have my permission to publish this letter on your website excluding personal contact details.... Read More

Ray Konijn

11:07 AM, 4th February 2016
About 4 years ago

A Landlords Open Letter to The Rt Honorable Michael Fallon MP

I have written to my M.P. Huw Merriman this morning explaining the reason why after over 40 years of being a loyal Conservative voter he will no longer be getting my vote thanks to Mr Osborne's ludicrous Clause 24 Landlord Stealth Tax and pointing out that there is a growing tide of discontented voters who will not forget this next time they need our support, and that this tax is mis-directed and will inevitably result in higher rents.

The letter includes the two radio interview links and the TV interview link (below) which says it all, and copied it to Cherie Blair's office (Cherie Blair QC), thanking her for taking on the fight.


http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b06z8hgd/inside-out-south-east-01022016... Read More