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Paul Temple

10:36 AM, 3rd March 2017, About 5 years ago

Landlords to be responsible for tenants tobacco tax evasion?

I had to check this because I didn't believe it, but yes, it is there. Words fail me!

Also, note Question 23:

Question 23: What sanctions should HMRC apply to landlords or
landowners who have not taken steps to prevent illicit tobacco or other
illicit excise activity on the property or land? For example, should HMRC
impose a financial penalty?

They've already decided we're guilty so they just need to sort out the financial penalty now!... Read More

Paul Temple

13:40 PM, 28th February 2017, About 5 years ago

No wonder rental demand continues to rise!

Reply to the comment left by "Cautious Landlord" at "27/02/2017 - 15:38":

There was one of those 'can you help me' articles in The Times last week from a 20-something - "me and my boyfriend want to be able to afford two extended long-haul holidays a year - oh, and save up to buy a house..." The long-haul holidays were clearly the focus and the house very much an add on.

Your article got me thinking about other things that people buy and how they rate alongside multiples of salary. For example, how has the salary multiple changed for car buyers over the last 20 years?

Also, do some of these people not realise that because they have got huge car loans and massive credit card debt (from long-haul holidays...) and other restraints on their free cash that their chance of getting a mortgage approved are significantly restricted?

It's your choice to go out and buy an expensive car but don't winge to others if you can't then get a mortgage.... Read More

Paul Temple

14:05 PM, 20th February 2017, About 5 years ago

Generation Rent have produced a video telling tenants "How to Fight a Rent Hike in 10 Steps"

Thank you, Generation Rent! Doing our work for us.

Any landlord looking to increase their rent should look over the article and, item by item, discount each one in a positive fashion that supports the rent increase. After that the tenant will have no logical arguments to push back with!... Read More

Paul Temple

13:18 PM, 9th February 2017, About 5 years ago

Letter to Gavin Barwell Housing Minister

Reading through all of the above I've realised we're trying to make our point using their rules. We need to get a bit asymmetric about this. My thoughts are still forming so forgive me if they're incomplete but I put the idea out there as others may be able to expand in ways not thought of by me.

All the people slating landlords are using the media to do so as they, in many senses, control it. But that’s the old way and we don’t have much voice there and can’t provide ‘evidence’ to back our case.

So, how about we use the modern method of getting the message out? You Tube is easy and free – every time you have to evict or take action against one of your tenants video the whole thing – do a narrative to your phone and show you inspecting the property, put your side of the argument as you’re about to go into court and then do another bit after the court’s decision, talk about the lengthy delays.

(Start taking video of a property the day you rent to a new tenant so that you can show the before/after shots; might also make the tenant think twice…)

Put it online and start putting links to it from Twitter, Facebook and any other element of social media you can think of. If you’re an online reader of a newspaper then make comments under one of the many ‘scum landlord’ articles and put links in there too.

Add the links to letters sent to MPs; use 'clickbait' tactics to get them to look at it "I would appreciate your thoughts on the incident that occurs at minute 3 and 10 seconds from the start of the video...".

Should we start a whole YouTube channel about what some tenants do to our property? Multiply the number of landlords by the number of incidents per year and even if we only capture 10% that will be one significant lump of evidence that can’t be ignored.

It’s unlikely to catch on immediately but over time…... Read More

Paul Temple

14:57 PM, 14th December 2016, About 5 years ago

Can anyone recommend a bank?

Thanks for your input. From my own company experience in the past I'm well aware of the maxim that 'a bank will only lend to you when you don't need the money' - which was another reason why our initial activity is being planned without recourse to lending. Hopefully, by the time we do have a need we will have a bit of history/experience/evidence behind us to make things (slightly) easier.

And thanks for the mention of Aldermore - may have to expand my search...... Read More