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John Mcgowan

22:38 PM, 12th September 2019, About 2 years ago

Government theft of another's possessions is plain wrong

Comrade Corbyn and his Marxist pal McDonnell are a complete disgrace and will rob decent hard working landlords who provide good housing that useless governments and councils cannot, in order to get votes and fulfil their sick political extreme socialist ambisions.... Read More

John Mcgowan

22:21 PM, 30th July 2019, About 2 years ago

Jacob Rees-Mogg: Cutting and decentralising tax

I have quickly read the full report and not unsurprisingly the right to buy scheme introduced by Margaret Thatcher in the 1990's seemingly wasn't mentioned. This scheme has of course led to many lucky council tenants being able to buy the properties they lived in, well below market price, having being given huge discounts after being given large discounts for years, on their rent as well. These properties were and I suggest will never be replaced by local authorities. No wonder there are millions of people waiting for council houses, who could could blame them! Consequently there is a massive shortage of social housing and of course has led to it being replaced by the PRS system. Landlords who have invested in this and supplied properties to rent are now being targeted by this government via an extra 3% stamp duty and clause 24 for helping to house people! I agree with much of what is in the report but not with what has been omitted. Politicians will do anything to buy votes like sell off social housing stock on the cheap, or thump landlords to aquire the votes of tenants and prospective first time buyers.... Read More

John Mcgowan

17:51 PM, 2nd March 2019, About 3 years ago

High Court rules "Right to Rent" breaches human rights!

Reply to the comment left by B4lamb at 01/03/2019 - 13:04
If landlords are required to do the work of the border control officers then they need to be trained properly and be given indemnity insurance by the home office and be paid to do these checks as at the moment they could be incorrectly accused of racism.... Read More

John Mcgowan

21:38 PM, 20th July 2018, About 3 years ago

Tax Consultation Testimonials

My wife and I have incorperated our property portfolio successfully using the professional advice and services of Mark Alexander at property 9 months ago. His advice was crucial to to us both before and during the process and we will seek further advice soon to help our children avoid inheritance tax after we have gone. The incorporation of our property portfolio has improved our current and future tax positions significantly. Mark answered all of our questions well and very promptly and we would thoroughly recommended him to anyone who needs good sound advice.... Read More

John Mcgowan

10:38 AM, 2nd March 2018, About 4 years ago

Mandatory HMO licensing to be extended

This government are incompetent and guilty of massively damaging the PRS for tenants and landlords alike. They will in the end be responsible for substantial homelessness and a significant increase in poverty throughout the country. Of course they will try to lie their way out and blame landlords for their own despicable behaviour. Never ever trust dirty self centred lying politicians such as these.... Read More