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Sean Higgins

9:38 AM, 11th January 2016, About 6 years ago

Legionella scaremongering by some letting agents debunked

If you are responsible for the maintenance of plant such as water tanks and hot water cylinders as a landlord you have a duty to ensure the risk of legionella growth is assessed. If you fail to maintain this plant in accordance with HSE L8 you will be liable to prosecution in the event of an associated case of legionnaires disease.

Water tanks collect sediment that harbours legionella this then multiplies in warm water conditions. If hot water cylinders do not operate at 60oC there is a risk they will not kill the bacteria or will actively multiply the bacteria.

If the tenant is responsible for all maintenance it is their duty. If you maintain the water systems it is your duty.

There is no requirement for sampling or certificates but you do have to assess the risk.... Read More