London Housing Solutions Rips off Landlords and LHA

by Property 118

17:06 PM, 10th March 2014
About 5 years ago

London Housing Solutions Rips off Landlords and LHA

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London Housing Solutions Rips off Landlords and LHA

This report from Channel 4 investigates London Housing Solutions, a Rent to Rent company which is believed to have ripped off over 100 landlords for more than £400,000. London Housing Solutions Rips off Landlords and LHA

Advice from Property118 is that if you are contemplating renting your property to a Rent to Rent company then make sure you ask them to use a contract which has been drawn up to protect your interests by an independent solicitor (see below). Ask for the directors of the company to provide personal guarantees and ask an accountant to run some checks for you on the financial viability of the company you will be dealing with. Search the name of the company on Google followed by the word “scam” or “complaints” and read everything you can find. Sometimes the darkest secrets may be buried and will not be found on page one of the search results. If in doubt, walk away and talk to a professional letting agent about letting your property through more conventional channels.

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David Lawrenson

8:37 AM, 11th March 2014
About 5 years ago

I personally know of two landlords who warned their council about this company over a year ago.
No action was taken.
Meanwhile the councils crack on with their all borough landlord licensing agenda - all done by people with no experience or background in the private rented sector.
This story will run and run I think.
But what were the landlords doing - going for a "guaranteed rent" scheme where the guarantee is from a private company.
Fools and their money, I'm afraid!

David Lawrenson
Private rented sector consulting

Jane Javis

14:32 PM, 24th October 2014
About 5 years ago

London housing solutions, who then changed their name to local housing solutions are now called 'The London landlord'... BEWARE.

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