Landlord with 200+ Buy to Let properties joins the rush to sell them together as portfolios

Landlord with 200+ Buy to Let properties joins the rush to sell them together as portfolios

11:48 AM, 17th February 2022, About 2 years ago

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Landlords throughout the UK have started to sell their property portfolios and for good reason. With Michael Gove’s Levelling Up plans likely to add even more regulations for landlords to follow, plus the property market at an all-time high, landlords have seen the opportunity to cash in on a closing window to sell while they still can.

It’s the end of a golden era for many landlords, so the key they face now is how to squeeze the most money out of the equity in their portfolio. Auctions cost too much, estate agents take too long. So where do landlords turn, fast?

Alasdair started buying properties in 2004 as his main career but by 2020, with a portfolio of 200+ properties, he realised it was becoming more and more difficult for landlords with large portfolios to maintain a profitable annual income because of Section 24 tax changes.

Thinking about what he wanted from his business, it was also clear that the portfolio was taking up so much of his time and energy. He had the financial freedom he craved, but no time or energy to enjoy it with his family. He decided to downsize and sell 35 properties.

The first 35 properties sold in one chunk – no problems, with cash in the bank and zero hassle. Alasdair was so pleased with the service, he handed over the rest this year.

The Landlord Sales Agency immediately stood out as the best choice to sell tenanted properties or portfolios with more expertise and less involvement: portfolio exit specialists with over 20 years of experience helping landlords sell properties with or without tenants, in any condition for 80% – 90% of the market value in return for a much faster and more convenient sale than through traditional estate agents sold as individual properties.

They also sell properties and portfolios some estate agents cannot or will not sell and achieve a much better rate than other alternatives such as traditional (in-house) auctions that normally only achieve the 70 – 80% of the open market value.

They also do more than other estate agents or auctions to provide additional information for investors, and they project manage the entire task from listing to completion, chasing progress throughout and solving problems to ensure 95%+ of agreed sales complete as fast as possible while sellers sit back and relax.

There’s no doubt, Landlord Sales Agency know exactly what they’re doing, and they have 1000s of buyers queuing up to snap up readymade investment deals.

There’s never been a better time to sell than right now, but with interest rates predicted to soar in the first quarter of 2022, the window of opportunity is ready to close.

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