Finding perfect tenants and minimising risk

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Mark Alexander founder of

Mark Alexander founder of

The guide to finding perfect tenants and minimising risk is ideal for landlords who wish to manage their own property portfolio’s.

This guide explains what my family do to find the next perfect tenant, right from the day an existing tenant let’s us know that they want to move out through to check in of our next perfect tenant.

Whether you prefer to self-manage to buy to let property(ies) or not this guide is a MUST for you to read.

It may not be practical or desirable to manage your own properties for the reasons listed below if ….

  • you are new to being a landlord and fearful of getting things wrong
  • your time is more valuable to you
  • your properties are located inconveniently for you to arrange viewings and meet with tenants as required
  • you prefer to distance yourself from the management of your property portfolio and relationships with tenants.

If any of the above apply to you then a fully managed service might be better suited to your needs. See the letting section of this website for more details of the full management service recommended by Property118.

Free guide to finding the very best tenants

In all the years my family have been landlords we have only had to go to Court twice to seek possession, this is despite having granted over 1,000 tenancies. We have not had one single tenancy deposit dispute referred to arbitration or the small claims courts. Perhaps we have just been lucky, however, I prefer to think this has something to do with the way we apply common sense to our letting and tenant referencing process. We do not let to all tenant groups but if you use this as a template for your future letting and tenant referencing I’m very confident that you will have a lot less problems in future. Our target markets are mature professionals (over 30′s), working families with children of school age and baby boomers. We don’t let to youngsters and we don’t target the benefits market, however, if we did nothing much would be too different, save perhaps for the types and locations of properties we invest in.

This bit is important

If you have been working your way through my Advice Section you will appreciate that the format of this particular chapter is very different. That’s because I want to find out who you are and subscribe you to my weekly newsletter. You can of course opt out at any time. It’s also an opportunity for you to put a value on the benefit you are getting out of Property118. I’m not sure whether you are aware but all the guidance and support we provide at Property118, including our News, hosting/administering the forums and making free downloads available is funded entirely by donations and sponsorships. When you download my guide to finding the very best tenants you will be given an opportunity to show your appreciation by making a donation towards funding the running of this website.  Unlike guru’s who charge thousands of pounds for their courses, we are happy to leave it to you to decide the value of the information we share. Please be generous 🙂

Access to the guide to finding the very best tenants

  • The guidance and support we provide at Property118 is funded entirely by donations and sponsorships. It is not compulsory to make a donation, zero is a valid option, but we would very much appreciate your support so that we may continue to share best practice. Thanks in advance for your generosity. All donations are securely managed through PayPal but you don’t need an account with them to buy us a coffee. When you get to the PayPal page look towards the bottom left of the page for the option to use a debit or credit card. For legal reasons we need to point out that is a trading style of Innovative Landlord Solutions LLP (a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales) so that's the name which our PayPal account is registered in.

Want to learn even more?

My buy to let property investment strategy is documented and constantly updated in the Advice section of this website. To get back to the main menu >>>


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