Entrepreneurial landlords are making a mistake by clinging onto solutions for their portfolios in a dying market

Entrepreneurial landlords are making a mistake by clinging onto solutions for their portfolios in a dying market

21:12 PM, 14th September 2022, About 2 weeks ago

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The Telegraph reported this week that the chaos of Scottish landlords getting out of the market due to rent freezes could soon hit England, This is Money reported that tenants were leaving buy-to-lets to downsize because they couldn’t afford rent causing a spike in empty properties, and MPA Magazine reported that mortgage lenders were finding buy-to-let investments increasingly less attractive. It’s hard to believe that the machines we’ve built that brought us wealth over the last 15 to 20 years are on their last legs, but it’s undeniable that the figures don’t look good.

As solution-driven entrepreneurs, which is essentially what we are as Landlords, there’s no surprise that in the last year we’ve been clinging on to the possibility that we can rescue this. The temptation to “ride it out” while we continue to collect rent is high. But is the hard truth that we’re actually being incredibly naïve? Are we out of touch with what’s about to happen to the money-makers we’ve built? We’ve been ignoring phrases like “it’s time to cash in before the market drops” for a few months now, but when is the right time to call it? The economy is clearly in a state of flux. We need to be smart.

I think more often than not we believe that our historical knowledge of property means we know exactly what to do. We’re impervious to panic. We can come up with our own solutions. We don’t believe the sales pitches trying to make us sell up and cash in. But in all honesty, companies like Landlord Sales Agency were founded by landlords like myself who are doing exactly what we’re telling you to do: get out now while we can still get the highest price for our property portfolios, cash in and retire and let’s free ourselves from signing up to another 10 years of headaches when we could have £2 to £12 million in the bank and relax with some small investment projects instead. It’s not “cut your losses” advice: it’s savvy financial advice from experts.

Because I also made the decision to cash in, I know exactly what other landlords need. Costs weren’t an issue for me as I was doing it for myself, so I pulled together a boardroom of experts who could help me sell all my buy-to-lets using every ounce of knowledge to get way above the value any other portfolio exit company could deliver. I achieved it. And as the team was already there, I contacted Property118 to help other landlords straight away. Put simply: it’s time to get rid of these buy-to-lets, I can’t stress that enough, but people trying to help you will have you sell your portfolios for at best 70% of the market value. Myself and my team at Landlord Sales Agency will do it for 85% – 90% of the value – you’re never going to get 100% because everyone else will send you huge invoices afterwards – and as we’ve got every single person you’d need to get the job done, we take the whole project off your hands. All you have to do is call us and relax, we will do everything else including dealing with tenants, property repairs, paperwork, gas certs, anything you can think of, we’ll do it for you and we’ve already got a private list of 30,000 buyers waiting to take them off your hands so we can realistically achieve all of this in less than 21 days. We take our costs out of the prices we get from bidding wars, so you’ll never feel the pinch of our invoice. It’s the perfect solution, and it’s what we all need right now.

So to find out more, and exactly what we do and how, get in touch with us. I’ll personally be there every step of the way, and I promise that I do exactly what I say when I mean I’ll go the extra mile to help other landlords like myself.

You’re not going to get a more dedicated service, and you’ll walk away with cash in the bank before the rush of landlords who wish they’d acted sooner.

There’s no need to sell it to you, other landlords who have contacted us will tell you themselves. We get it done, and we get you the highest possible price. We’re here to help, and it’s time to act.

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