Check your rental properties for common damages warns AIIC

Check your rental properties for common damages warns AIIC

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The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) is warning all landlords and management companies to check each rental property thoroughly for signs of common damage, which can often be missed at check out, costing landlords hundreds of pounds.

According to the AIIC, the most common damage found in rental properties includes iron burns on carpets; cigarette burns; soiled marks on baths and UPVC window sills and frames; heat damage to polished wooden furniture; and stiletto heel imprints on wooden floors and vinyl.

Whilst some marks or stains may be obvious, others such as cigarette burns, may be harder to spot if they have been concealed, warns the AIIC. Pat Barber, Chair of the AIIC, said: “Most tenants are aware when they have caused actual damage to a property and usually try to hide the damage subtly, which is why is it absolutely vital for landlords and management companies to ensure that no proverbial stone is left unturned when looking for damage at check out.

“Obviously, there is a distinct difference between fair wear and tear and actual damage – for example carpet tread will flatten over time, where there has been foot traffic, but cigarette burns, stains or soiling will require a charge.

“Damage and fair wear and tear needs to be independently and expertly assessed, in order to provide solid grounds for any charges raised against the tenant. Quite simply, this is not an area for landlords or management companies to try and undertake themselves, as any damage missed at check out cannot be later charged to the former tenant, ultimately leaving the landlord to foot the bill.”

The AIIC is committed to excellence and professionalism in the property inventory process and works hard to ensure that all landlords, tenants and letting agents understand the importance and benefits of professionally completed property inventories.

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• The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks was established in 1996 and is a not-for-profit organisation.

• The aim of the AIIC is to ensure that every landlord, tenant and agent in the UK is aware of the importance of the inventory process and the benefits of employing an independent, professional independent inventory clerk.

• AIIC independent inventory clerks provide letting agents and landlords with comprehensive inventory documentation, including inventory compilation, check-in procedure, check-out procedure, Tenancy Deposit Schemes and assessment in fair wear and tear.

• The AIIC offers membership to current independent inventory clerks and a search facility for agents and landlords to search for local professional independent inventory clerks.

• The AIIC also offers industry-leading training courses, open to anyone in the property letting industry, ensuring that proper information and training is available for all members to provide the best possible service.

• The AIIC members have all agreed to conduct their business in a professional manner in accordance with the Guidelines to Professional Practice and will abide by the AIIC’s Code of Practice. AIIC members also have Professional Indemnity insurance and Public Liability insurance.

• AIIC independent inventory clerks are experts in their field, helping to save landlords, letting agents and tenant’s time, money and hassle by ensuring that government regulations are being adhered to.

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