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Property118 exists to facilitate the sharing of best practice among UK landlords, tenants and letting agents.

Promoting Events

Our Landlords Events Calendar is a free service offered to all organisers of landlord events. For more details please CLICK HERE

Newsletter Sponsorship

Newsletter sponsorship is our premium advertising option. We deliverer over one million newsletters every month to our subscribers. The cost of having an advert linked to your own chosen sales landing page (600 px wide and up to 400 px deep) for four weeks is £3,000 + VAT. Adverts can be either static JPG or PNG format or animated GIF’s. We carry a maximum of three paid adverts of this nature at any time. They are displayed immediately below our news articles and readers Q&A discussion threads and are ordered on a first booked gets top place basis.

Other opportunities, to suit all budgets, for exposure to our readers can be found below.

Article Sponsorship & Promotional Opportunities

Most of our sponsors are businesses which have been referred to us by our members or contacts we have done business with ourselves.

Our business model is highly reliant upon donations and sponsorships. Therefore, we are always happy to hear from providers wishing to increase their exposure to landlords and associated professions, particularly when they are referred by our members.

Many of our sponsors are property developers and agents but we are open minded to working with any respected business which provides products and/or services which may be of interest to our audience.


We only agree to work with businesses which we believe have a product or service which will be of interest to our readers.

Intrigue and curiosity are they key drivers to the success of our sponsors marketing campaigns, which are far more subtle than conventional advertising. The difference being that articles featured on Property118 rarely include the use of brands, telephone numbers, links to websites etc. Instead, we work with sponsors to produce informative articles which touch on the features and benefits of the product or service they wish to promote. There are then two potential methods of contact:-

  1. A contact form is added to the end of the article which affords interested readers an opportunity to request further information. These requests are then emailed in real time to our sponsors. An example is HERE
  2. A link back to the business member profile page from all comments and articles posted by the member. These profiles often include a contact form only, in order to enable business members to track the source of introductions. Where tracking isn’t necessary it is possible to include contact details including telephone, email, website etc.


Property118 is a social network, a bit like an online version of a local pub, albeit a very busy one with thousands of visitors every day! Try walking into your local pub with wearing a sandwich board advertising your business whilst speaking through a megaphone and handing out leaflets. You won’t get a good reception and that’s the equivalent of advertising in a social network.

However, you may well do business with a friend of a friend you meet in a pub but only as a result of subtle introduction and social interaction. Property118 works in exactly the same way. We are only able to continue to raise funds and develop our community on the basis that our referrals are of value to our sponsors.

Clearly it is in our interests for sponsors to get a return on their marketing budget. By the same token, it is important to us too, because we want to build on our relationships. Accordingly, we work very closely with our sponsors and help them to design their campaigns to maximise interest levels from our reader base.


There are four main levels of sponsorship although we are open minded to alternative suggestions.

1) Sponsored articles

We charge £500 plus VAT for sponsored articles. Occasionally we will consider running articles on a cost per lead basis, e.g. £25 + VAT for each person who expresses interest in buy to let developments for sale. We also consider commission splits for sponsored articles with mortgage advisers, IFA’s and estate planning businesses. To see examples please click HERE or HERE

New articles go into our Daily Newsletter on the day of publication, which is emailed to around 12,000 members.

We then have a weekly roundup email sent at weekends which has a circulation of circa 200,000

All articles are also posted to Twitter and our Facebook timeline.

We occasionally re-run performing articles in our Newsletters, especially where we are being paid per lead or receive commission on sales from sponsors.

At the foot of articles we include a contact form encouraging readers to request further information. This can be linked to a PDF file or similar which opens once the enquiry is submitted. Details of the enquirer are forwarded by email to the sponsor of the article for follow up.

Some sponsored articles generate 1,000’s of enquiries whereas some generate none. Success comes from relevance of the article to our readership, the headline, the simplicity of the article (typically 200 – 500 words),  the main image used to attract attention to the article, intrigue and curiosity and a desire for the the reader to enter their details into the contact form in exchange for further information.

2) Annual sponsorship of articles

An up front payment of £3,000 + VAT buys you 12 sponsored articles in any 12 month period.

3) Facebook boost

When we successfully reclaimed £27,500,000 of overcharged tracker mortgage interest on behalf of landlords from The West Bromwich Mortgage Company in (June 2016) 43,000 landlords and associated professional advisers watched our news video on Facebook. We are now able to target advertising directly to these Facebook users and their Facebook friends at a cost of £1,000 for every 69,000 to 180,000 impressions over a 14 day period. If landlords are your specific target audience there is no cheaper form of exposure to them we are aware of. We are always happy to extend this facility to our article sponsors, subject of course to them agreeing to pay for the additional exposure. We take 30% commission and the cost of advertising and number of impression served by Facebook is fully transparent.

4) Business Membership

Business membership is particularly useful for SME’s wishing to engage with our readers by contributing to our discussion forums. For this we charge £150 a month. An example of a business member profile can be found HERE

How it works:-

  • Every comment posted below an article links back to the member profile of the person who has left the comment.
  • For every comment left there are thousands of readers.
  • We add a contact form to the members profile page so they can identify that referrals have come to them via Property118
  • The more comments a business sponsor leaves, the more exposure their profile gets to our readers.

The reach of Property118

The chart below plots the growth in the number of unique user sessions over the last 5 years. Our projection for 2017 is over seven million unique user sessions. We are ahead of target.

Property118 Advertising


To discuss your requirements and how best to engage our readership please call me on 01603 428501 or email

Upgrade to Property118 Business Sponsor Status

  • The business sponsorship opportunity is aimed primarily at professional firms (accountants, solicitors, surveyors etc.) which are targeting additional exposure to the UK Private Rented Sector, i.e. landlords and letting agents. Property118 is an independent publisher and is officially appointed as a Google News Partner. The benefit of this is instant page one Google presence on all News and discussions for a minimum period of 3 days based on keywords or phrases in the article/discussion title. This attracts significant attention from mainstream press and ordinary people searching the internet using the Google search engine. Our results also rank highly in normal search results indefinitely, for example, try a search for “GOOD Landlords” or for a bit of fun see the spoof for “Business Lawyers Norwich”. Budget level sponsorship is priced at £1,800 per annum (payable monthly at £150 pcm and no minimum contract period) and includes business contact details and logo(s) on the Member Profile page.
  • £ 0.00