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Statutory Notice Period of Two Months and payment of rent to release references


Hello, I am on a Statutory Periodic Tenancy and want to leave. My agent is saying that I have to give two months notice, and I have to pay the last months rent before they will release the references. This makes it very difficult to secure anywhere else as they won’t hold places for two… Read more


Ground rent purchase – lots of questions?

Hello, 1, Can anybody advise me how to calculate the fair price to pay for purchasing the freehold of a ground rent on one of my rental properties. The yearly ground rent cost is £10.00 I have asked the current leaseholder and he has said that he wants £650, he said that this would cover… Read more


Decorator nightmare – they broke into my garage!


In September last year I decided to have a wooden, ledge and brace porch door dipped and repainted. I took the door to be dipped. When it came back, mid October, I realised it was in poor shape, so I bought a replacement dipped one off the dippers. I have used local decorators for 20… Read more


Carla Morris-Papps nominated for the Woman of the Year category

Carla Morris-Papps, Chief Executive and Founder of Cotswold Barristers, has been nominated for the Woman of the Year category of the Echo and Citizen Women in Business Awards 2015. South West Business reported, “it takes a special kind of motivation to be the first non-lawyer to invest in creating a new barristers’ chambers. But after… Read more


Tenant arrears on property bought at auction


I bought a two bed flat at auction in Dec 2014 with tenant in occupation on an AST since Dec 2009. The tenant has been holding over since the original 6 months period. When my purchase completed I was charged 3 months rent arrears, undisclosed at the time but I had to pay. The tenant… Read more


Furniture left in house by tenant and now asking for it back !

My tenants gave notice and vacated property on 18 January. They were relocating to Scotland from Kent and couldn’t take all there furniture. I said I would dispose of furniture for them and not to worry, I was being helpful, so I thought, as they had five children two under 2 and I felt sorry… Read more

Deductions from deposit during tenancy

Deductions from deposit during tenancy


I have just handed in my two months notice to the Estate Agent (EA) managing the flat I’ve been renting. Within a week of handing in the notice I went on holiday for two weeks. I confirmed my time away to the EA by email stating the exact date of my return. I also mentioned… Read more

Tenant notice to quit - very confused, please help

Tenant notice to quit – very confused, please help

I am a tenant with a technical question about notice to quit. I would be very grateful if you could help to answer my question please?  I have been served a section 21 which expires 15 April (I am on a periodic tenancy that runs from 16-15th of each month). In actual fact the 21… Read more

Commercial to Residential Change of Use

Commercial to Residential Change of Use

I am currently looking at a commercial property which is basically two three storey terraced residential type properties converted into offices by opening the adjoining walls to gain through access so the two adjoined buildings work as one use.  I propose to buy the building commercial building (2 x terrace three stories combined) and move… Read more

Tigrent Learning - would you recommend this training

Tigrent Learning – would you recommend this training?

I would like to move into property investing but have no experience whatsoever. I have a friend who went through Tigrent Learning and is now a successful property investor and I would like to follow in her footsteps. However, the course is very expensive and I want to show my family it is worth it… Read more

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