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Paul Shamplina helps landlord evict bankrupt Pete Burns


A landlord claims to have suffered a mental breakdown due to the stress of renting to the former singer of 80s group Dead or Alive Pete Burns. The bankrupt singer was evicted from his London flat today after failing to pay more than £34,000 in rent. Paul Shamplina founder of Landlord Action, the landlords legal… Read more

Death of a Tenant

Death of a Tenant

My Tenant since 23.07.2007 has died unexpectedly in hospital. He had recently married at the beginning of this year, but without his pension his wife will probably unable to continue to pay the rent beyond his meager savings, which she could take several months to inherit.  I could down size the flat to assist this… Read more


Half of over 40s considering Buy to Let property as a retirement plan

OVER half of those saving towards their retirement say they would consider investing or are already investing in buy-to-let properties to increase their retirement income, according to new research. A national survey of 915 retirement savers aged 40 or over, found that 8% are already investing in buy-to-let property, while another 45% said that they… Read more


Heat Genius, Good Investment?

I have been a landlord for approximately 3 years.  I have a question about a possible investment, it’s a remote controlled heating system which enables the user to heat up specific locations in the household, as opposed to the whole household simultaneously. It’s supposed to save the user money in the long term (& apparently… Read more

Stamp duty on transfers between spouses

Stamp duty on transfers between spouses


I have owned a property jointly with my husband since 1995. We transferred the mortgage from residential to buy to let in 2002 and now have 3 BTL properties in our portfolio.  My husband is 69 and to remortgage the property we agreed that it will be transferred into my name. Advice from our mortgage… Read more

Need advice on student investment in Lincoln

Need advice on student investment in Lincoln

I’m brand new to property letting and I am contemplating buying a 3 bed terrace or house in Lincoln with a view to renting this out to students on a per room arrangement, I want to know can I do this ? Do I need additional permission from my lender ? Do I need to… Read more


Management company and redress scheme

I wonder if anyone has had a similar issue and can confirm how their local authority has acted (or advised) in relation to whether the redress scheme applies to landlord owned management companies. We own a company to manages our flats (and only our flats) which are let through the council to people in need… Read more


Late, unexpected and excessive service charges

I own a 2 bed flat with a managing agent of the building based up in Nottingham. I receive invoices twice a year for 6 months worth of payments in advance for the management/maintenance of the building (12 flats and 3 business units). The quality of service from this organisation has been appalling with hardly… Read more


Innovative Buy to Let loans

Albert Einstein has many famous quotes and I am quite fond of this one: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”. This is particularly true of the buy to let market right now and here are a couple of statistics to demonstrate opportunity: Gross buy to let mortgage advances grew by 23% in 2014, compared… Read more


Advice required on removing tenant who called the police!

Joint tenants signed 6 month AST, before the 6 months were up (November time) the couple broke up and the wife remained in the property. The husband was asked to write to me expressing his wishes to be removed from the AST, he never did. After the 6 months the wife stayed in the property… Read more

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