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CGT Transferring Assets during Year of Separation HMRC Helpsheet 281

CGT Transferring Assets during Year of Separation HMRC Helpsheet 281


Has anyone utilised or had any experience with transferring assets within the year of separation to avoid CGT? I have read the HMRC helpsheet and it seems fairly ambiguous!  Thanks Elouise


Up-market Buy to Let Town Houses with 7% net returns

Only 8 remaining with assured net returns of £56,682.50 (£2834 per quarter) over five years based on 7% of the purchase price £161,950. These Up-market Town houses are in a fantastic location near to Liverpool’s Albert Dock. Expertly managed by X1 Lettings High rental demand in Liverpool Located adjacent to Liverpool Marina Completion in September… Read more

First big investment decision - low risk or higher risk

First big investment decision – low risk or higher risk?

I have a tricky property decision to make and would very much appreciate some advice. I have a central London flat, unencumbered by any mortgage, currently valued at £675,000. My husband and I currently have 1 salary of £50,000, and hope to have 2 salaries at about this level soon. We are looking to buy… Read more


Rightmove profit takes off in soaring market


Year on year profit before tax rose 31 per cent to £59m with total revenue increasing by 20% to £80m as Rightmove benefit from the rising housing market This is partly due to an increase of over 25% in users to 22 million for the first half of the year, and the average revenue per… Read more


Theft of tenant’s money ?

I just had an angry tenant phone to say that £40 hidden in her bedroom has been stolen today (Tuesday). I was in her flat today by agreement, as was our cleaner and our valuer. I was not with the cleaner and the valuer all the time. I had told the tenant not to leave… Read more


Buy to Let Catch-22 Situation


I have been attempting to buy a Buy to Let property now for some time now (at least six months) but have hit an impasse. I and the vendor have agreed a price and I have had a 75% LTV buy-to-let mortgage application approved. However, the property needs renovating – new GCH, kitchen and bathroom… Read more

Paul Shamplina Landlord Action

Using a section 21 should not be considered a Revenge Eviction

I would like to provided clarity over what constitutes a Revenge Eviction, and what is simply a landlord serving notice without giving a reason, after concerns have been raised that the term was being misused in the media, giving good landlords a bad name. The Citizens Advice Bureaux (CAB) recently revealed that twice as many… Read more

Leaseholder or Freeholder who is responsible

Freeholder Gone Bust and I can’t Extend my Lease


I own a flat in a block of six, all six owners have agreed to purchase the Freehold. The Freeholder was dissolved in 2002, our solicitor has contacted the Treasurys Solicitors Dept, who have replied to say that that companies assets are distributed to persons entitled, no interest was passed to the Crown as bona… Read more


My landlord is being evicted and gave me a 4 days notice to leave as well

I have been sub-renting a bedroom since February 2013. The couple who is sub-renting me the room have received a court order to evacuate the property on the 29th of July 2014. However, they only told me this on 25th of July at 11pm. I had a contract with them which was running for a… Read more


Disappearing Tenant

I will try and keep this to the point; Tenant moved in Christmas Eve, signed the tenancy agreement as a rolling one month. Not received rent for the last two months despite texting, phoning, writing several letters, but no response. Visited the property last week, all curtains and blinds closed, garden overgrown and was met… Read more

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