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Modern Method of Auction

Modern Method of Auction? I don’t get it.


More and more sales are being conducted by what is termed “Modern Method of Auction”. It is sold as a buyer friendly method of purchase but from what I can see, a non refundable reservation fee of 3.5% subject to a minimum of £5,000 plus VAT needs to be placed which then “secures” the transaction… Read more


HMRC Snooping on Landlords via letting Agent


It would seem HMRC has started to crosscheck declared rental income, in bulk, via letting agents. It does seem a little strange as those most likely not to declare on tax returns are unlikely to use a reputable letting agent. I’ve had a rental property for 8 years & this is the first time I… Read more

Durham student house

Durham student house 11% return with finance

It is with great interest that landlords have explored student property investing but the the drawbacks of lack of leverage and future resale market have remained unanswered until now! A student Freehold House with 11pct return on equity invested with mortgage finance is available in the top ranked city of Durham. We are delighted to… Read more

Unpaid service charges

Unpaid service charges?

I am an owner of a flat in a block of 18. I am also one of four Directors making up the Management Committee.  We have one owner who constantly has to be chased for their annual service charge. This is time consuming and occasionally the bank account has to be topped up to prevent… Read more

Should I change one rental into two

Should I change one rental into two?

I currently have this situation:  Two properties, both on homeowner mortgages Property A : Purchased Dec 2010 Was my sole residence until DEC 2012 when I let it out Purchased for £90k Now worth £135k Property B: My current residence Purchased April 2014 Purchased for £142K 90% LTV Now in around 6 months time, Id… Read more

Joint Buy to let mortgage with 2nd applicant over 75

Joint Buy to let mortgage with 2nd applicant over 75

My mother and I own a house which is mortgage free which we let out.  We’d now like to take some re-mortgage with a buy to let mortgage. I thought this would be relatively simple, but how wrong could I be. I’m 44 employed with my own property and my mother is retired and 75…. Read more

HMRC Questioning my Ltd Company

HMRC Questioning my Ltd Company

On the advice of my accountant about four years ago, I (they) set up a limited company for me to run my own portfolio of around 55 properties through.  With interest rates at an all-time low, cash flow is very positive so the Ltd Company sounded good to lower mine and my wife’s own tax… Read more

Incomplete advice provided to Tenants facing Court action for reposession

Incomplete advice provided to Tenants facing Court action for reposession


I have been a Landlord for many years and have accordingly seen many changes in legislation and impositions placed on Landlords, many for the better and some questionable. Along with such changes is the guidance and advice being given to Tenants by the various bodies such as Citizens Advice, Shelter, Homelessness Departments of Councils etc,… Read more

Am taking the correct steps

Am I taking the correct steps?


We have 2 properties on joint mortgage. One of them is Residential mortgage (Property A) and other on Buy-to Let (Property B). We were out of the country between August 2010-April 2013. During this period, I was renting out both the properties without changing the mortgages. We moved back to UK last year in April… Read more

Flat rent moving in today

Flat rent moving in today

Can someone give me some urgent advice?   My son and his two friends are moving into a shared flat today on an assured short hold tenancy basis. It is 3 bedroomed and two of the bedrooms are absolutely fine. The third however, has one completely wet to touch wall and mould – where does… Read more

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