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Why you need to contact your MP

Why you need to contact your MP


As part of our campaign to reverse the Government’s Budget proposals restricting finance cost relief for individual landlords we are aiming to lobby all MPs in the UK – and as many times as possible.  We are asking that everyone who is against this proposal firstly signs this petition: Secondly, and as importantly, we are asking that… Read more

Tax Efficient Investment

Tax Efficient Investment

What is a tax efficient investment for landlords to consider if they don’t like the idea of pension schemes and want to invest into something else other than property?  The answer is a business which benefits from the Seed Enterprise Initiative Scheme, AKA SEIS. Clearly they would want to invest into something they understand, i.e. property… Read more


Hottest buy-to-let areas in the UK revealed

Landlords are investing in rental properties particularly in London, Birmingham and Bristol, according to research by Barclays bank. The biggest jumps in BTL properties purchased has been seen in Plymouth, which ranked 212th in the Barclays ranking last year and is now 16th in 2015. More businesses are flocking to the South West as a… Read more


LPA sale shows different prices?

My LPA receiver sold one of my properties (without the power of sale I later found out but another story). There was an access passageway to the property and before the transfer, the main house was transferred to another title leaving me the owner of the passageway on the original title. The AP1 for the… Read more


UK BTL and renovation advice required for avid P118 readers

With immense joy and interest I’m devouring all Property118 articles. What a wealth of experience and knowledge you all have! And what generosity to share this wealth with others. My husband and I are a newly retired Dutch(me)/English couple who have lived in Australia for 32 years. We are experienced BTL investors and renovators, however,… Read more

missing paperwork

Issue with new boiler installation and missing paperwork!

I had a boiler installed on finance but paperwork seems to be missing and some of the radiators are not working. The company that arranged the installation admitted there seems to be an error on their side and they do not have copy of documents, and the engineer they hired to carry out the installation… Read more


Leak from flat above but we share the freehold?

There is a leak from the flat above me that has caused significant damage to a bedroom in my flat. The owner of the flat above (who owns the leasehold, and also a share of the freehold (as do I)) is refusing to accept responsibility and to trace the leak in her bathroom (the leak… Read more

Greg Clark

Landlords will be able to end tenancy without a court order under new plans to tackle illegal immigration

Under “Right to Rent” proposals in the upcoming Immigration Bill the Home Office would issue a notice when an asylum application fails that confirms the tenant no longer has the right to rent property. This will then give landlords the ability to end the tenancy without a court order in some circumstances. Financial support for… Read more

Please send this letter to the Chief Executive of your local Council

Landlord Tax Levy Campaign


Would you be prepared to invest just 15 minutes a day to campaign against the Budget proposals to restrict finance cost relief for private landlords? If so please complete the form at the bottom of this article. Every day we will send you one email with new campaign ideas, for example:- 1) Letter templates (first example below)… Read more


Agents chasing for payment but I have moved out?


I rented a house which had 12 months minimum term. This was unknowingly signed by me and my wife because we discussed 6 months. We had intention of staying in the house for 6 months because we were already looking for mortgage to secure our own house. Luckily after staying for 7 months (March 2015)… Read more

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