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LHA dilemma – stick or twist?


I have a tenant that has been living in one of my properties since 2009. She’s an LHA tenant and has never actually missed a payment in that time, but in the last year or so she has been constantly late with the rent which has caused me a fair bit of stress and wasted… Read more


I said no dogs, now they want one offering more rent, but I can’t increase it for a year!

Tenants moved in a few weeks ago, I stipulated no dogs, they now want to get a puppy saying it will help there autistic child. They’ve offered a large extra deposit and a £30 PCM increase in rent. But I’m not not allowed to increase the rent during the first year of the tenancy. Is… Read more

Landlords Insurance for HMO's, Student lets and tenants claiming benefits

Landlord Indemnity Insurance

I just recently read an article which stated that landlords could be sued by tenants for failing to repair surrounding areas of a property (access to the property, i.e. broken footpath etc.) before it had been reported as an issue by the tenant. This got me thinking as it also stated that common areas in… Read more


Trying to claim money from guarantor but legal fees outweighing the debt?


We have an issue where a tenant has been evicted from a property we are now owed back rent of £2900 and damage caused by the tenant another couple of thousand then there’s legal costs getting the eviction etc etc. So for arguments sake lets say £5000. We have now re let the property. There… Read more


Non-Dom JV Partner

Can anyone offer advice on the tax implications for a Joint Venture funding partner who is a UK non-dom? The proposed arrangement would be where the non-dom JV funder would either be paid a straight interest, or share in the profit of property development flip projects. Many thanks. David


Prospective tenant has CCJ – should I take them?

I have just evicted one tenant so need to ensure I find the right tenant next. I’ve just referenced a new family and the tenant has a CCJ for car hire £1300. However I have spoken with previous 2 landlords (one housing association the other a letting agent) . The rent was up to date… Read more


Sheltered housing (independent living) and subletting.

My elderly mother bought a leasehold flat in a retirement housing building a few years ago. Her circumstances have changed and she has now moved from the sheltered residential accommodation into a care home, leaving a vacant, empty flat. As I see it, I have three choices: (1) retain the flat for my future use… Read more


Noisy Neighbour with medical condition

We are relatively new to Buy to Let (15months ) and to date all has gone well. However, a recent visit to our tenant has revealed that the neighbour below has a son who makes a lot of noise and sometimes late at night. He has a medical condition so it not a malicious situation,… Read more


Universal Credit is here !

I went to a Landlords Forum in Bridgend, Wales last week, what a nightmare! It is finally arriving, the dreaded Universal Credit! This is where our tenants will receive the housing element of around £500 plus every month. Will they pay us? Here is my idea to canvass. If you have Housing Benefit tenants they… Read more


Deregulation Bill and Section 21 notices


I’m looking for a bit of advice regarding Section 21 notices and the Deregulation Bill. As I understand it the timing of issuing Section 21 notices has changed. My question is: I correctly served a Section 21 notice in February to end a tenancy the day after it’s six month anniversary on June 21st. Is… Read more

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