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Scottish Association of Landlords

SAL Response to First Ministers Legislative Statement


Responding to the Legislative Statement delivered by the First Minister to the Scottish Parliament this afternoon, John Blackwood, Chief Executive of Scottish Association of Landlords, said: “SAL understands the pressure for legislative action to improve the current rental regime in the Private Rented Sector (PRS) and has been working closely with Scottish Ministers, as well… Read more

tenants in common

Tenants in common – sale after husband passing

I wish to sell a property owned by my husband and I as joint tenants in common, he has died some years ago, and I now wish to sell. Are there any legal restrictions? Many thanks Edna


Buying a property with a regulated tenant in?

I have chance of purchasing a reasonable property via an auction.The problem is that the tenant has been living there for many years and is on a regulated tenancy. I’m not sure how long this tenancy has been in place or the details about it. The rent is £3000 a year which is about 50%… Read more

Landlord Action logo

August has been All Action

here’s a theory that August is a quiet month of the year, particularly in the property world, with kids off school and people taking summer holidays. Not here at Landlord Action! We’ve had an extremely busy month, not only doing our every day job of helping landlords regain possession of their properties, but filming, advising… Read more


Going down the limited company route with self employed friend

Am just starting out with a couple of non-mortgaged properties but plan to grow and as I am a HRT payer I have decided to create a limited company with me and the non-working wife. I have done lots of research and spoke to a few accountant friends and am reasonably confident that I have… Read more


unhealthy and unsafe building – can I move out?

I moved in a flat a month ago and these are the issues I have: 1. the close of the building and generally the whole building is very dirty. People have been leaving their garbage bags inside the close and the smell is coming into my flat and there are insects and flies that probably… Read more

case law

Any case law on covenant preventing my use of a property as an HMO?

I am in the process of purchasing a property to use as a small (C4 use class) HMO. The Title deeds includes the following Covenant by the Transferee, “Not to use the property except as a single private dwelling house”. That’s all it says in this respect. Does this covenant prevent the use of this… Read more


Who Moves your tenants?

I am new to the Property 118 Forums and not really an active blogger or social media guru, but starting to get into it when I get the time. One of my weaknesses is being a little too wordy, so I’ll try and keep things short and concise because it would be really great to… Read more


Trapped in consent to let and negative equity dilemma?

I have a flat which is in negative equity by 25k. As the flat wasn’t suitable for my little girl to grow up in I bought a house. I ask my lender for a consent to rent my flat out. It is only allowed for two years and one if the condition is to return… Read more


Volunteers Needed To Help With Campaign

31/08/2015 has been approached by a National Journalist who wants to write some articles on the implications of the Summer Budget proposal to restrict finance cost relief. The journalist wants some case studies and wants to feature landlords and tenants in articles. This is where you come in. Are you willing to put you name… Read more

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