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How to sell your house fast

How to sell your house fast


A straight-talking North East house doctor has compiled her top tips on how to sell or let your property as fast as possible and prove everyone’s home can be a castle. Enterprising Durham-based interior designer Violet Harrison is on a mission to get the housing market moving and has helped thousands of high profile clients… Read more

I want my tenancy to remain periodic but

I want my tenancy to remain periodic but …

I’ve received a letter from my letting agency (not going to name them) saying that the guidelines and regulations have changed regarding my tenancy going to periodic.  I pay monthly so does not seem to make sense to me. Then it goes on to say I might, in the next few months, have to sign… Read more


Inflation falls for a record 6 consecutive months!


Consumer Prices Index (CPI) inflation reduced for a record sixth month to 1.6% for the year to March 2014. That means you now need to spend on average £101.60 to buy the same things 12 months ago. This sounds bad, but it is predicted to be the first time inflation will fall below average wage… Read more

Questions from a property speculator

Questions from a property speculator

I see myself as being more of a property speculator than a property investor or a landlord. I would very much appreciate your views on my considerations and deliberations.  I have seen some very nice leasehold flats which I can buy new build, fully furnished for £183,000 each. This represents quite a significant discount on… Read more

Do men or women make the best landlords

Do men or women make the best landlords?

Having typed this question into Google I couldn’t find the answer so I thought I’d start a thread here. Maybe I should have called it “battle of the sexes” but I doubt that would rank highly in search results if others have a similar question. So do men or women make the best landlords and… Read more

Rent to Buy.... good or bad

Rent to Buy…. good or bad?

I am trying to sell a rental property and have been approached by someone offering me full market value with a ‘delay’ in purchasing/completion. Meanwhile they will cover all mortgage and insurance payments until completion. I am sceptical…should I be? Thanks Maria

Advertising to landlords



Given that Property118 is funded entirely by donations and sponsorships we are always happy to hear from providers wishing to increase their exposure to landlords and associated professions.  Most of our sponsors are property developers and agents but we are open minded to working with any respectable business which provides products and/or services which may… Read more

Adding a family member to Title Deeds

Adding a family member to Title Deeds

If I want to add my daughter to the deeds of my BTL properties. Can I do so without informing the mortgage lender first?  When I inform them will the lender ask me to pay them an admin fee or require me to do a new mortgage application? What would happen if I added her… Read more

Why Invest In Liverpool

Why Invest In Liverpool?


Liverpool prides itself as being an innovative and exciting place for investment and business. It is a city with substantial economic assets and opportunities; a knowledge hub with unique learning centres; a destination city with impressive culture and a city with important sea and air connections to international markets.  Liverpool’s universities and colleges are internationally recognised and famous worldwide, drawing in over 50,000 full… Read more

Reducing CGT by getting married

Reducing CGT by getting married

Hi there, I have a B2L property that I bought 9 years ago for £250k and I’ve rented it out from day one. I have never lived there so I cant claim PPR or lettings relief.  I’ve now got a buyer for the property at £325k so even after I deduct £10k buying and selling… Read more

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