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Rent Controls – Should we be scared?

Rent Controls – Should we be scared?

At the time I sold my last business in 2013, I was renting a house. I had owned, extended and refurbished many homes before and had also owned a portfolio of flats. But when the money from my business...

My experience of moving to Portugal and the associated tax benefits

My experience of moving to Portugal and the associated tax benefits...

I have been asked to write an experienced based article on the benefits of moving to Portugal for portfolio landlord owners. Whilst I lack the expert tax knowledge of the organisers of this forum at the...

The exodus of the private landlord

The exodus of the private landlord...

Ben Beadle, the chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, wrote an excellent piece in the Telegraph at the beginning of this year which illustrates the crisis in the buy-to-let...

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A portfolio landlord with entrepreneurial experience in developing and realising business equity. Sectors include legal, tax and HR consultancy, insurance, government funded education, beauty aesthetics, hospitality and finance.

I currently provide property based consultancy via a membership property affinity group called Unity. Unity members communicate daily on a closed Slack forum and meet weekly on video conference. Members provide and receive guidance from their experienced peers on all matters relating to their property projects. For details click here

Property experience comprises residential, including HMO, third party leasing and hospitality, commercial and small developments.