Tax efficiency isn't the only reason for partnering with Property118

Forming a partnership with Property118 is phase one of a business model to corporatise your business.

It costs nothing to enquire what it’s all about and you have everything to gain, so you might as well do so.

Between our four founders we have over 100 years of experience in business, property, finance, tax and law.

We might be able to help you to take your business to another level, giving you access to economies of scale, experience based expertise and funding options you may have only vaguely heard of before, because they are only available to incorporated landlords via specialist commercial brokers. For example, did you know that there are at least 30 commercial lenders you will never find on a mortgage sourcing system?

Our Successes To Date

Property118 was established in January 2011, incorporated in August 2016 and will facilitate over 7 million unique user sessions in 2017.

Our previous business was a commercial finance brokerage, which was established in 1990. By 2003 it was a Plc. and by 2008 it was ranked by The Sunday Times as the 38th fastest growing company (by profits) in the UK.

We were founders of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers in 1992, which now has 1,600 broker members and completed £20 billion of lending in 2016.

In 2015 we partnered with a start-up letting agency and subsequently assisted with two successful rounds of crowdfunding. That business is now a National success and was recently independently valued at £3.5 million.

We crowdfunded the largest ever Direct Public Access representative legal action case in the UK and won at the Court of Appeal in June 2016. We recovered £27,500,000 of overpaid tracker mortgage interest (plus 100% of legal fees plus interest compensation) and created buy-to-let mortgage case law in the process.

We can’t always guarantee such spectacular results but in many more cases we have been able to considerably improve the cashflow and profitability of hundreds of rental property businesses for landlords.

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