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Scottish Landlord Who Took Eviction Into His Own Hands Faces Prison Cautionary Tales, Latest Articles

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"Scottish landlord faces jail after forcefully attempting to evict a tenant"

A Scottish landlord could face jail after he aggressively attempted to evict a heavily pregnant tenant over late rental payments from a two-bedroom Fife property.

He is said to have told police officer that “It is cheaper my way.” to evict the tenant rather than go through the courts. The eviction noticed had been issued just seven days previous.

The 18 year-old tenant sat in tears in her bedroom as landlord Steven Simpson’s sons removed the doors and windows as well as removing fuses from the fusebox. He later claimed that the tenant had already left the property and they were removed for repair. Continue reading Scottish Landlord Who Took Eviction Into His Own Hands Faces Prison

The New Kids on the Block Don't Shoot The Messenger, Guest Articles, Guest Columns

What do you think of the way councils operate in relation to housing in your area? Do you think they are on the ball? – Helpful? – Proactive? – A blessing or a curse?

Not only can I guess your response but also the look on your face as you read those words.

But soft………what is that delicate fragrance I can smell wafting in on the chill breeze of the current housing crisis? The aroma of the Social Letting Agency. This may not only change your attitudes to your local council but also the way that you do your business. Continue reading The New Kids on the Block

Loan Shark Landlord Fined for Demanding 5,600% APR Cautionary Tales, Latest Articles

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"Landlord fined for 5,600% loans"

A thug landlord who ruled his tenants with threats and intimidation lent them cash at more than 5,600% APR.

Loan shark Derrick Morgan, of Neath, South Wales, was jailed for a year after admitting six charges of illegal money lending and dishonestly claiming benefits in the names of his tenants at Swansea Crown Court.

Morgan let 23 properties and moved in tenants who could not afford to pay a deposit. He then loaned them the £350 cash repayable at £30 a week for a year.

He collected £1,560 for the £350 loan – with the interest adding up to 5,682.8% APR.

Morgan would also take benefit cards from his tenants as security and control their bank accounts, arranging for benefits to be paid in to their banks.

Steven Hay, of Wales Illegal Money Lending Unit, who investigated the case, said: “Derrick Morgan used threats and intimidation to control his victims, his actions were despicable and caused great upset and harm to his victims. Loan sharks prey on the vulnerable in our communities.”

Tenant Jumped Three Floors to Escape HMO Blaze

Musician Charlie Flynn had to leap for his life from a third floor attic bedroom as flames engulfed a death-trap shared house he shared with five other tenants in Epsom, Surrey.

Epsom and Ewell Council had already ordered the owners to move tenants out of the attic because of fire risks when a faulty heater set off the blaze.

Brother and sister landlords Michael and Rosanna Ciesco were ordered to pay fines and costs of £22,750 at Redhill Magistrates Court for breaching council prohibition orders and house in multiple occupation licensing offences.

Environmental health officer Fergus Nash told the court: “The Ciescos blatantly disregarded a law designed to protect their tenants and their property from the devastating effects of fire.”

Landlord pays £40,000 for letting death trap flats Latest Articles

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"Death-trap houses were re-rented"

A landlord who lived a lavish millionaire lifestyle and drove a Mercedes, has to pay £40,000 for renting out death trap flats even after tenants were banned from living in them.

The terraced houses he rented out had water dripping through light fittings and live electrical wires hanging out of the walls, a judge sitting at Manchester Magistrates Court was told.

A fire alarm in one property was faulty, a toilet wouldn’t flush and light switches were dangling loose from their fittings.

Mohammed Javaid, 38, charged tenants up to £100 a week to stay in a room at one of his three ‘dangerous’ properties – even after health and safety experts banned him from letting the flats.

Meanwhile, Javaid was living in a luxury £350,000 home in plush Hale, Cheshire.

Councillor Paul Andrews, Manchester City Council’s executive member for neighbourhood services, said after the hearing: “Javaid was happy to live in the lap of luxury among footballers in Hale while his tenants had to put up with these appalling and dangerous conditions.”

District Judge Jonathan Taaffe told Javaid: “All three premises could at best be described as hazards and more fairly as potential death traps.”

Father-of-three Javaid, of Winchester Road, Hale, admitted 20 offences – 17 for housing law offences, and three more for fire safety breaches.

He was fined £33,750 and ordered to pay £8,500 court costs.

Council environmental health officers and fire service inspectors visited the houses – on Hyde Road, Ardwick – in August last year.

Laura Raine, prosecuting, said officers were forced to issue prohibition orders stopping Javaid from renting the three properties because there was ‘imminent risk of serious harm.’

But Javaid continued to rent out the properties to several tenants even after the orders were issue.

Tenants Too Scared to Contact Their Landlord Latest Articles

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Shelter's new survey findings

A Shelter commissioned YouGov survey has found many of Generation Rent are being failed by their landlord. Shelter are worried these rogue landlords may take on the many families that could be forced out of social housing.

Their survey found that in the last decade, 7.5 million (16%) have had trouble with their landlord and some, 7%, were too scared to contact their landlord because they were wary of the consequences. Continue reading Tenants Too Scared to Contact Their Landlord

Call to scrap council tax perks for second homeowners Latest Articles


Homeless charity Shelter is calling for the scrapping of council tax discounts on second homes and property that stands empty.

A new study looking at ways to maximise the use of existing housing reckons ending the discount would raise £42 million a year that councils and the government could divert to improving housing supply.  This appears to be another badly considered plan following their controversial video and statistics that yet again give landlords a bad name. What are Shelter playing at?   Do they not see that the vast majority of private landlords solve thousand’s more housing problems than a very small percentage of rogue landlords create? Continue reading Call to scrap council tax perks for second homeowners

Why Shelter’s ‘rogue landlord’ complaints are misleading Latest Articles, Shelter

The media and do-gooders are quick to jump on the ‘rogue landlord’ bandwagon to answer the clarion call of rough justice for the less well off, but this support is not always justified.

Pressure groups and charities plug in to well-paid media professionals to hype their campaigns to grab headlines, and sometimes readers have to look behind the spin to find the real story. Continue reading Why Shelter’s ‘rogue landlord’ complaints are misleading

Slum landlords cash in on homeless by renting sheds with a bed Latest Articles

Renting a shed with a bed to illegal immigrants is the latest money making idea from crooked landlords.

Slough Council has uncovered 2,500 garden sheds, outhouses and lean-to’s converted in to squalid living space in a continuing battle against the problem. Continue reading Slum landlords cash in on homeless by renting sheds with a bed

BBC has a cheap bash at landlords yet again! Latest Articles

BBC logoThe BBC has launched another story about substandard buy to let homes and ‘rogue landlords’ – but just who is covered by the tired old cliché?

The UK has about 3.5 million buy to let properties and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) that are let by private landlords. Continue reading BBC has a cheap bash at landlords yet again!

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