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Property118 Landlords eNewsletter – Issue 66 Latest Articles, Newsletter, Property118 News

With the property market continuing to make headlines we have another great selection of articles for you ranging from the latest lender announcements, housing market survey updates and guest articles from industry experts.This week our new ‘video blog’ section features discussions on property management & refurbishment, landlord accreditation schemes and overseas holiday lets. These are free to watch and are intended to spark conversation so please pose questions and comments.

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Property118 Landlords eNewsletter – Issue 65 Latest Articles, Newsletter

This week we have added a new video section to our weekly eNewsletters which provides insight into the landlord mind set of our founder Mark Alexander. These videos are free to watch and are typically two to eight minutes in length. Please pose questions and comments for Mark to follow up in future videos and feel free to grab the embed code to use the video’s on your own website or blog.
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Property118 Landlords Newsletter – Issue 63 Latest Articles, Newsletter


The first two featured articles in this weeks edition have sparked an interesting debate so please take the time to scroll down and read the comments as well as the articles themselves.Feedback on any article is always extremely welcome.  Please remember you can also share these articles via email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Featured Property News Articles This Week

“Don’t Shoot The Messenger!” Harassment vs Chasing Overdue Rents
Ben Reeve-Lewis – “When a tenant has beef with their landlord, I’m the guy they go to. My job is to either negotiate or prosecute, depending on the circumstances.”
Maslow’s Theory Applied to Landlords and Tenants
“In the West Midlands we are addressing the issue of educating the young to understand their future housing options, financial obligations and choices”. By Mary Latham.
How Facebook Can Help Landlords & Letting Agents
I’ve heard reports of 30 prospective tenants applying for every property on landlords and lettings agents books. What do they do with the other 29 records of prospective customers?
Housing Market has Bottomed Out, Say Mortgage Lenders
Property values are about to level out and then show a modest increase, says the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML),
Unmissable Landlords Conference 23/09/2011 Birmingham
Two speakers, combined landlord experience spanning nine decades! No sales BS, Guaranteed NO UPSELL.
Landlords Give Green Light to Green Deal
Around two thirds of property investors have told the National Landlords Association (NLA) that they support upgrading their homes to meet the new standards.


Other Property News
Crooks Have Plagued us for Years, Says Leading Letting Agent
Abusive Landlord Fined £650 for Threats
HMO Planning Rules Confuse Student Landlords
Tenants Feel the Strain of Rising Rents and Inflation
Paint It Red
Gifts and Discounts to Tempt Property Investors
London Buy to Let Rents Surge to a Record High
Homelet Find Rents Are Still Rising
HMRC Handles 1,000 Tax Fraud Emails Every Day
Secret Billionaire Pays £7,857 a Day Rent for London Flat
Get Out of Property Now?
Yours sincerely

Mark Alexander


Property118 Landlords eNewsletter – Issue 62 Latest Articles, Newsletter, Property118 News

This week saw more improvements to the Property Services Directory, you can list yourself now if you haven’t already or search the 740+ businesses in the directory. Discount Lettings are still well ahead with testimonials and you can see who the top 10 companies by testimonials in this week’s featured articles.

Featured Property News Articles This Week

Top 10 listings by Testimonials
A month into the directory, here are the ten companies with the most testimonials.
Keep it Simple – Take your first steps in deposit recycling
Your Property Network offer valuable tips to investors on deposit recycling.
The New Kids on the block
Ben Reeve-Lewis believes a Social Letting Agent may revolutionise the market.
HMO Landlords warned to put their homes in order
Landlords have been warned to ensure they have the correct licences as more HMO landlords have been caught out.
Unaffordable House Prices Need to Drop 25%
Fitch Ratings believe house prices will only become sustainable if they drop by 25%.
Request for Feedback From Buy to Let Mortgage Brokers & Lettings Professionals
We’re looking for your opinions on the buy to let number crunchers on Property118.com.


Other Property News
Struggling Letting Agent Dipped in to Client Funds
Disputes Still Favour Tenants According to DPS
Buy to Let Supply Dries Up as Demand Increases
Housing Market Boosted by Buy to Let
Scottish Market Returning to 2009
Buy to Let Cannabis Farm Goes up in Flames
Buy to Let Fraudster in £1million Property Club Scam
Buy to Let Keeps Mortgage Market Afloat
Scottish Landlord who Took Eviction into his Own Hands Faces Jail
Rogue Landlords Under Attack For Tenant Misery
More House Price Gloom as Market Flatlines

Marketing UK Property Events & Increasing Attendee Numbers Latest Articles

promote your property workshop or networking event

Over 300,000 people and businesses you want to promote your event to receive our eNewsletters every week.

Having organised, promoted and presented several highly successful property events I’ve written this article for all those organisers of property workshops, training courses and networking events that take place throughout the UK every month.

I know how much hard work goes into promoting events and increasing attendee numbers time after time. I also know from experience that feedback from former attendees is vital. Most organisers request feedback and some use it for future marketing purposes. However, accessing your target audience and convincing prospective new attendees to commit their time and possibly their hard earned cash into your event requires very special skills. If you regularly organise property events please consider the following simple steps.

STEP ONE – Find somewhere to promote your events which attracts large numbers of your target audience. Property118.com sends millions of emails a year to UK private landlords and associated businesses week in week out.

STEP TWO – Create a free listing in our Property Services Directory for your property workshop, training course, event or networking meeting. Click here to create a free listing

STEP THREE – Share the listing via Facebook, Twitter, email and LinkedIn directory from your Directory listing profile.

STEP FOUR – Ask all previous attendees and future attendees of your networking event, workshop, training course or property event to leave a Testimonial on your profile. This will give prospective future attendees confidence when deciding whether it’s worth attending your future events. We can guarantee no defamatory Testimonials as this is not a reference site. There is no such thing as a negative Testimonial as you get the power to approve or discard any comments made before they are published. We have also built security into our system to minimise the risk of fake or multiple fake Testimonials being created.

STEP FIVE – Create a link from your website to your profile so that prospective new attendees can read independent Testimonials on a credible independent website. You could of course add a Testimonials section to your own website or even ask your clients to leave them there too.  However, this lacks independent credibility and exposure to the 300,000 people that receive the Property118.com eNewsletter every week.

STEP SIX – Consider upgrading your Directory listing to a Gold Business Member profile. This will cost you £300 a year but provides the following benefits:

  • 3,000 character description for your event within your profile
  • search engine optimisation
  • automated addition of a Google map showing the location of your event
  • status update to allow you to promote future events
  • Twitter feed
  • You Tube feed

STEP SEVEN – If you need to attract very large numbers of attendees please consider other advertising options by clicking here.  If you would like me to assist you with the marketing of large events or presenting at them I will happily consider profit share proposals.

Any questions or comments on this event marketing strategy?

I hope you have found this useful and please feel free to ask a question or leave a comment in the comments section below.

By all means link to this page or share it using the Share buttons below.  Please don’t copy and paste it onto your own website or blog though, otherwise the search engines might penalise you for ‘site scraping’.


Property118 Landlords eNewsletter – Issue 60 Latest Articles, Newsletter

There’s not much to report about our Directory this week, safe to say that we are now four weeks into Beta testing and have nearly 500 businesses involved in the tests. The expansion of the Directory is revealing some interesting challenges in terms of search speed and categorization which we are hoping to resolve during September. Once these final teething problems are resolved we will be in a position to add an additional 110,000 business listings. At that point we believe the Directory will be the UK’s ultimate tool for property related information and contacts. We would very much appreciate further user tests of the Directory if you have a spare few minutes. Please email any questions or constructive feedback to mark@property118.com Continue reading Property118 Landlords eNewsletter – Issue 60

Property118 Landlords eNewsletter – Issue 59 Latest Articles, Newsletter

We are continuing to work on improving our Directory speed and ease of use prior to uploading over 200,000 businesses in the next few weeks. Continue reading Property118 Landlords eNewsletter – Issue 59

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