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Buy to Let Flood Risk Could Cost Landlords Billions Buy to Let News, Cautionary Tales, Commercial Finance, Conveyancing, Latest Articles, Property Maintenance

Thousands of buy to let properties all over the country are at risk of becoming uninsurable and unmortgageable in a few months.

Homes and business properties worth around £214 billion could be affected from June if the government fails to reach a new agreement with home insurance firms over flooding. Continue reading Buy to Let Flood Risk Could Cost Landlords Billions

Buy to Let Lenders Boast Booming Borrowing Figures Commercial Finance, Latest Articles, Mortgage News, Property Market News

Buy to let lender Paragon Mortgages profits rose 12% to almost £81 million thanks to landlords building on their portfolios.

Paragon returned to lending in September 2010, and the pre-tax profit represents the first full year’s trading as a lender since the onset of the credit crunch. Continue reading Buy to Let Lenders Boast Booming Borrowing Figures

Developers can’t afford to build – the consequences? Commercial Finance, Latest Articles

Landlord’s Log, the Personal Blog Of Mark Alexander, the Founder of Property118

Earlier this week a comment was left on one of our articles by a property developer who explained in very simple terms why developers can’t afford to build.

Right across the UK, building sites are being mothballed but why is this happening if we have a housing shortage?

This isn’t because people don’t want to live there or that the developers don’t want to build. It is partly because the developers can’t sell them for as much as it costs to build them and partly because people either can’t raise the finance or are too nervous to do so due to uncertainties in the economy over job security and interest rates.

Continue reading Developers can’t afford to build – the consequences?

P155ing into the wind – Housing Strategy Commercial Finance, landlord's log

Today the government announced a new initiative to provide 100,000 new low cost homes over the next four years creating 200,000 new jobs. Well it’s better than nothing some will argue, but it hardly scratches the surface in terms of meeting requirements. To do this, a similar number of properties to a City the size of Birmingham are required by the year 2015. Continue reading p155ing into the wind – Housing Strategy

Britain’s Looming Housing Crisis Commercial Finance, Latest Articles, Property Development, Property Investment News

With people living longer and with less people per household, it is pretty obvious that more housing is needed. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Office of National statistics has predicted that the UK population will grow to 71.6 million by the year 2033.

But where will they all live? Continue reading Britain’s Looming Housing Crisis

Student Housing Demand Dries Up in Some Areas Commercial Finance, HMO's & Student Lets, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management

Speculative developers looking to cash in on the student housing boom have been warned numbers of halls of residence have reached saturation in some areas.

The writing is on the wall for some big developers as banks pull funding because they consider they are over exposed in the niche.

Birmingham’s Aston University has slammed councillors and developers for planning homes for students that are not needed.

The University claims developers have over estimated demand without considering how rising tuition fees will discourage students taking courses in the city. Continue reading Student Housing Demand Dries Up in Some Areas

Banks Pull the Plug on Lending for Student Housing Commercial Finance, HMO's & Student Lets, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management

Dissected Student Property

"Student housing hits more trouble"

The great rush for student lettings may be ending for the big corporate developers due to fears of over exposure in the market.

Property consultants EC Harris have revealed public spending cuts have drastically hit the student housing sector as universities do not have the cash to finance building more halls.

Private investors are now finding the banks cannot help – and 22 UK and European lenders have indicated they have no more funds for student developments.

The largest UK corporate developers – Unite and UPP – both changed their finance strategies recently to raise funds from shareholders or private institutions other than banks. Continue reading Banks Pull the Plug on Lending for Student Housing

Introducing LandlordSOS Commercial Finance, Latest Articles, Personal Development & Motivation, Property118 News

Raising finance for property investment/development, dealing with the council and how to make money from buy to let are some of the biggest issues of being a landlord. To many it seems the ‘powers that be’ live in a different world from landlords who are trying to make a living from property.

Until now that is. LandlordSOS is a unique, free property event on 29 Sept at Keele Hall, Staffs , bringing together the ‘powers that be’ to speak about raising finance, dealing with the council and being a successful landlord. With speakers from NUL council, LloydsTSB and National Landlords Association (NLA) plus professional advisors and trade connections on hand this is an event you can’t afford to miss (plus it’s free!).

Property118’s latest guest writer, Mary Latham, is speaking on behalf of the NLA. To learn more about Mary, read her latest articles or follow her on Twitter.

So ask yourself, do you want to:

  • Maximise your rental returns by understanding how to attract and keep good tenants?
  • Reduce bureaucracy & red tape by learning how the council deals with housing? benefits, HMOs & environmental health?
  • Expand your portfolio by learning how to raise commercial finance?
  • Reduce your monthly expenses by renegotiating better mortgages?
  • Increase your property opportunities by finding out about the empty homes scheme and grants available?
  • Reduce hassle with difficult tenants by learning rental regulations, procedures and eviction?
  • Increase your profitability by having the right trade connections?
  • Find opportunities with like-minded investors by networking and sharing ideas?

LandlordSOS has been designed to help you maximise your property investment and help you survive and thrive as a landlord.

There is no sales pitch – we don’t offer property courses or mentoring programmes. What we do offer is knowledge-sharing and networking.

Organiser Sam Collett is an award winning NLA landlord, successful property developer and Director of Gorgeous Homes Property Management. She is passionate about property and the people in it. LandlordSOS is borne of her belief to share success.

Sam says “I am fortunate that I have good connections and a good track record. Other people are just starting out, or are looking for these connections. I am contacted on a regular basis by people who have the same issues – how to raise finance, how to build a successful buy to let business and how to deal with councils. That is why I decided to organise LandlordSOS – it is my attempt to try and answer some of the big questions about being a landlord and property investor”.

LandlordSOS is a coming together of public and private organisations for the benefit of landlords and property investors both big and small.

LandlordSOS is being held at Keele Hall, Staffs on Sept 29th from 6pm. For further info please visit www.landlordsos.com and to book your complimentary tickets please visit: landlordsos.eventbrite.com.

Keep up to date with Sam Collett on Twitter

This article was provided by LandlordSOS specifically for Property118.com.

Gifts and Discounts to Tempt Property Investors Commercial Finance, Latest Articles

money down the drain

"Buy one get one free in property??"

Desperate property sellers are flirting with some extravagant discount offers to attract cash-rich buyers.

The latest ploy is a ‘buy one house, get one free’ deal on new homes, but other bonus offers include an art collection and a speedboat.

Where cash discounts and help with finance are offered to many new home buyers to make homes affordable, these top of the range incentives are aimed at wealthy property investors.

Estate agent Brendan McGlynn came up with the buy one get one free offer to clear the last homes on a new estate in Donegal, Ireland.

The homes, priced from £120,000, are three-bed semis awaiting finishing touches on the inside – like fireplaces and kitchens.

The deal for property investors is buy one and pick up the neighbouring house free.

“There is no catch,” said McGlynn. “we simply want to sell the houses so the builders can move on to a new development.”

“We have had thousands of calls. The main interest has come from cash investors.”

For investors with more high-brow tastes, a former rectory near Honiton, Devon, is for sale at £1.3 million complete with a £180,000 art and antiques collection.

Owner Simon Hirst said: “Even the rugs are going to the buyer. They belong in the house and it would be wrong to move them anywhere else.”

Dr Andrew Pearson hopes his offer of a classic 36-foot Hagg speedboat worth around £25,000 will make a splash with prospective buyers.

He is selling a stylish four-bedroom detached house at Newton Ferrers, near Plymouth, Devon, for £2.5 million. The house is on a river and includes a private quay and jetty.

“I’m going to give the buyer the boat. The design is a classic,” said Dr Pearson.

Five students chase every university bed space in London Commercial Finance, HMO's & Student Lets, Latest Articles

"London is struggling to keep up with students"

London student rents are rising as students besieging accommodation providers outstrips the supply of available properties.

The capital has just 55,000 purpose-built student bed spaces chased by 283,500 students seeking a place to stay – with student numbers 6% up on last year’s total. Continue reading Five students chase every university bed space in London

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