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Property118 Landlords Newsletter – Issue 93 Newsletter

The latest landlord and property related news including guest articles from industry experts covering property management best practice.  Angus Ryan stresses the importance of having the right landlord property insurance, the ever entertaining HMO landlady shares her tale of cowboy builders and Mark Alexander adds two more compelling blogs to his Landlord’s Log posing questions on “Premium Tenancy” and data protection.

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Premium Tenancies landlord's log

Premium tenancies are something I’ve heard a bit about from a few different landlords in various parts of the Country who don’t know each other. This leads me to believe that these tenancies are more than just an urban myth but I have to admit that they are something I know very little about. However, I’ll share what I think I know and feel free to correct me. I also have some more questions which I hope will develop into a useful discussion for all landlords who hear about Premium Tenancies, search the internet for the answers, and then come across this post. Continue reading Premium Tenancies

The Property118 Christmas Cracker – Part Two Latest Articles

The second installment of our special Christmas Cracker Newsletter carries more of the best read and most commented upon news articles and guest columns during 2011. May we take this opportunity to wish you, your family and your business a healthy, happy and prosperous year to come in 2012. Our regular Newsletters will re-commence on 5th January.
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The Property118 Christmas Cracker – Part One Latest Articles

We all like a late Christmas present so try and guess how many companies are in the directory to win £100 of B&Q vouchers. If champagne’s more your thing, there’s still time for you to tell us about your good tenants with the best story winning two bottles.

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The Best Property Website Ever Landlords Stories, Latest Articles

The Best Property Website EverWhen I first came up with the concept of Property118.com I wanted it to be the best property website ever. To achieve this I realised that it was important to focus on my website being found as well as producing interesting, informative and useful content.

With this in mind I set about understanding the Google algorithm as I knew that more people in the UK use Google to search for information than any other search engine. Clearly it has worked as this is now one of the most popular websites in the world for UK landlords, letting agents and overseas investors who own and let property in the UK.

I have since systemised the process used to make this web-site so that I can show you how to create web pages which will rank as highly as this one. It’s all explained in my ebook which you can read about here.

I’ve also had a lot of fun teaching this to other businesses, particularly lawyers. If you’d like a bit of a laugh, search Google for “Business Lawyers Norwich”.

I’d like to think this is the best property website ever, but I suppose I would say that wouldn’t I?

It’s not up to me to decide, it’s down to you.

Now that you are here, please take a look around and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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Our Guest Columnists all give their time here for the love of property, nobody get’s paid and between them, they have centuries of experience to share.

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Holiday lets are the investment opportunity of the decade … here’s why …. Latest Articles, Overseas Property, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

I’m an unashamed fan of U.K. coastal holiday lets. My husband Nick and I first started investing in them in 2008 as we saw the economic climate deteriorating and reckoned that people would start holidaying at home again. We’re now the proud owners of two high-occupancy holiday lets – one on the island of Portland in Dorset, home of the 2012 Olympic Sailing events, and one at an award-winning development at Camber Sands in E. Sussex, one of the U.K.’s finest sandy beaches.
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New Respect campaign launched for landlords Latest Articles

Respect Logo

The new Respect campaign for CIH

Landlords are to give a boost to tenants and their communities as hundreds are expected to sign up to the new Respect – ASB (anti-social behaviour) Charter for Housing.

The charter will offer more help, protection and guidance to prevent anti-social behaviour and to also deal with ASB. Continue reading New Respect campaign launched for landlords

Spot checks on property businesses slammed as ‘misguided’ Latest Articles, Tax & Accountancy

Plans by HM Revenue and Customs to inspect landlord and small business financial records in a bid to spot cheats are under fire from tax experts.

HMRC wants to check out 50,000 landlords and businesses annually, starting from later this year.

Part of the £900 million extra funding has gone towards recruiting and training more tax staff to carry out the spot checks. Continue reading Spot checks on property businesses slammed as ‘misguided’

The next generation of property investors Latest Articles

Mark AlexanderBy Mark Alexander.

The next generation of property investors will:

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