Utility Companies Pay Landlords To Help Tenants

Utility Companies Pay Landlords To Help Tenants

9:14 AM, 6th June 2016, About 6 years ago 2

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Utility Companies Pay Landlords To Help Tenants

Do you receive commission from Utility companies in return for helping your tenants save money?

I don’t know about other landlords, but I sometimes find that I get a bit behind with some time consuming and boring (but important) admin tasks, e.g. notifying the utility companies and council when a tenant moves in, or moves out, of a property.

Well I’ve recently found a FREE utility management service that will deal with this for me, saving me loads of time and hassle, and providing a full audit trail of the notifications in case there is ever a dispute about the utility or council tax bill liability. Saving Landlords And Tenants Time And Money on Utilities

I let the utility management service know about the change of tenancy (so this is just one simple action from me), and the service then:

  1. Finds out current energy suppliers
  2. Notifies the energy suppliers
  3. Notifies the water supplier
  4. Notifies the Council Tax dept of the Local Authority
  5. Notifies the telecoms provider
  6. Provides an ongoing source of support for both me and my tenants

This ensures that the utility suppliers have the correct end of tenancy dates, which may differ from the move out date provided by the outgoing tenant, e.g. if they have moved out before the end of their notice period.

When a new tenant moves in, I advise the utility management service of the new tenant details, they contact the new tenant and provide them with a FREE no obligation utility comparison service for their energy (gas & electricity), and telecoms (phone, broadband, TV subscription), and tenant home contents insurance.  The new tenant is under no obligation, but if they choose to sign up to any of the services offered, then the utility management service makes all the arrangements on their behalf, saving the tenant both time and money.

The utility management service ensures that the energy providers, water company, telecoms company, and Council Tax dept, are all informed of the new tenant details, so that the landlord is not held liable for these costs after the new tenancy start date.  AND in addition to this, the utility management service pays the landlord a commission for each service that the new tenant takes.

This service is not only saving me time, hassle, and money, but it is also generating a secondary income stream from each property.  At the same time, it is saving my tenants time, hassle, and money, and giving them “added value” from me their landlord.

Why help your tenants?

I believe that if a landlord provides “added value”, by helping their tenants to settle into their new homes, then the tenant is more likely to treat the landlord and the property with respect and remain a tenant for longer. This is good for both the landlord and the tenant.

The commission is the cherry on the icing on the cake.

If you would like to know more about this utility management service, please complete the form below and I will send you further details.

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by Mick Roberts

18:40 PM, 6th June 2016, About 6 years ago

Brilliant Rob, this is really good for a lot of landlords.

by manjit

1:06 AM, 22nd February 2017, About 5 years ago

i totally agree that this is a great idea and will be very useful to all landlords

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