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Property 118 - Published on 08/02/2013
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The GOOD Landlords CampaignPhilip Allen of London

I have been a landlord since 2006, surviving and growing stronger through some of the most challenging financial times ever.

The core of my business is London-based where I work with Housing Associations. My aim is to consolidate the portfolio I have without, necessarily expanding by acquiring more property. To this end I’ve been adding bedrooms, one beds become two, two beds become three, etc.

This is not ‘cramming’ people into smaller properties as all regulations are adhered to. All available space is used to ensure our tenants have a comfortable safe home to call their own. Working with the Associations ensures that we keep abreast of the latest regulations and safety requirements.

My personal strategy is based around ‘buy and hold forever’.

I have now based myself overseas where I’m introducing many of the experiences I have to a totally different market place. Challenging yet, already, rewarding.

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