Online Letting Agents Review

by Mark Alexander

9:30 AM, 16th November 2012
About 7 years ago

Online Letting Agents Review

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Online Letting Agents Review

Online Letting Agents ReviewI’ve been using Online Letting Agents to advertise my properties for a few years now. For me they are the most economical way to market my properties on the major property portals.

Earlier this week I tried a relative newcomer to the market which, I have to say, looked a bit to good to be true. However, as it cost me nothing to use the service I decided to give it a go.

I instructed them to market this property for me on Tuesday night and within a few hours it was listed on Rightmove, Zoopla and many of the other major property portals. It didn’t cost me a penny!

The upload process was a bit cumbersome to the one I previously used if I’m honest. However, I, like most landlords, am a bit tight with my money and the prospect of helping to preserve my bank balance, for what probably took me no more than 5 minutes of extra work, was overwhelmingly compelling 🙂

On Wednesday morning I received a call from the online letting agent to tell me about the first enquiry she had received. He is a Doctor and will live in the property alone most of the time as his family are overseas. He needs a 4 bed property so that they come and visit him from time to time.

As if that wasn’t enough to convince me, my new online letting agent went on to explain her business model for referencing tenants. With the exception of meeting tenants in their current home it’s identical to mine. Better still, that doesn’t cost me a penny either. She arranges for me to show the tenants around the property and if we agree in principal she then charges the tenants for the referencing. This is all explained to the prospective tenant up front so than none of us waste our time. If I don’t want my online letting agent to do the tenant referencing I can simply pay £49 + VAT for her troubles but why would I want to do that?

My former online letting agent used to offer Rent Guarantee Insurance so I asked whether that was available. Yes it is! It’s not free 🙁 but it’s no more expensive than the other online letting agent used to charge 🙂

I plan to share my experiences here every time I use this new online letting agent and I’ve told them so too. That should keep them on their toes!

I’ll not name either my new or my old online letting agent here as that wouldn’t be fair to either of them at this stage. However, if you would like me to put you in touch, please complete the form below and I will link you to their website and drop you an email with more information.

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