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George Campbell

18:39 PM, 16th April 2020, About A year ago

Tax Consultation Testimonials

I would like to say as a portfolio landlord , I had a tax consultation with Mark Alexander. It opened a whole new world with his knowledge, enthusiasm and attention to detail . Mark is extremely quick to reply to any queries.

I formed a partnership four years ago, then incorporated in April 2020. As a result of this I saved a considerable amount of LBTT and capital gains tax. The recommended strucure has allowed me to keep existing mortgages until such time as it becomes more beneficial for me to refinance. I also urestructured the financing of my business whilst it was a partnership to withdraw capital, which I subsequently loaned to the company after incorporation. This directors loan is now available to me to draw money out of the company without having to declare dividends or pay myself a salary.

My inheritance tax problem on future appreciation in property values was sorted using freezer shares and a discretionary trust which will keep my legacy within my bloodline.

I must thanks Mark for his inspiration ,knowledge and always having time for me.

Thanks again

Take care

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