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Landlords Association Property118Unlike members of a traditional landlords association Property118 members tend to communicate most days of the week as opposed to meeting once a month at a hotel or once a year for an AGM. We don’t have any formal meeting at all, everything we do is online.

Members share best practice using our forums by creating “Readers Questions” and adding comments which often turn into interesting debates.

When you become a member you will be given an opportunity to create an online profile to let other members know more about you. Your profile links to any forum comments you make and any logo or picture you add to your profile will then appear next to your comments. You can also configure your member profile to link to your social media accounts and a website of your choice.

Many of our members also own business which provide products or services to their fellow landlords. These services include property letting and management, legal and tax advice, mortgage advice etc. Therefore, the member profile pages and linked comments provide an excellent opportunity for online networking.

The mainstream media follow our forums and social media streams closely and we often have a journalists from the BBC or major newspaper groups such as The Times visiting our forums. From time to time you will see journalists asking for landlords to comment of various stories in the news. Examples are reforms to benefits, the mortgage market, property and rental values, supply and demand etc. We are also an official Google News publisher which means that our discussions tend to rank on page one for related key phrases in search results for a minimum of two days after publishing. Many of our discussions stay on page one of Google search permanently, for example, try a Google search for the phrase “Good Landlords”

Our community carries significant influence. For example, a discussion on our forum persuaded a tenancy deposit protection company to change its rules for the benefit of landlords. We also influenced the Bank of Ireland to partially reverse a decision to increase tracker interest rate differentials. We also use this influence to put special deals together for members for products and services such including insurance, debt collection, lettings and property management. We regularly make calculators and informative guides available to members to download free too.

There are no annual membership fees associated with being a member of Property118, we just ask you to make a monthly donation towards the running costs of our forums. We are funded entirely by sponsorships and donations from members. There really is no minimum financial commitment required to be a member, you literally decide how much you want to pay. Every little helps 🙂

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