Landlord Tax Structures

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Tax Breaks

Are you paying more tax than you need to?

UK tax law enables you to structure the ownership of your rental properties in a variety ways. Naturally, it makes sense to know which ownership holding structure enables you to pay the lowest amount of tax possible, completely within the law of course, and how to make changes where it is commercially advantageous to do so. The trouble is, very few advisers ever discuss this.

Examples of how ownership can be restructured include:-

  • Using up all available tax alloances by adding a spouse as a beneficial owner
  • Changing the percentage of ownership between spouses to maximise income within lower rate tax bands
  • Forming a partnership with your own limited company (companies only pay 20% corporation tax on profits!)
  • Conversion of your rental property business to a Limited Company

All of the above can be achieved without changing the legal title of your properties at HM Land registry and without affecting any mortgage arrangements you currently have in place. There are also many tax breaks to deal with capital gains and Stamp Duty which you could benefit from.

You can learn about these tax structures and the available tax breaks by reading our easy to follow case studies. They take no more than 10 minutes each to read and we will send you one a day for the next seven days.

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