Birmingham Meeting Thursday 20th February 2020

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Birmingham Meeting Thursday 20th February 2020

Salary replacing strategies - but which one should I choose? Raj Beri

At this month's pin meeting, Raj will share the simple step by step approaches he has used to replace two salaries with income from property, which enabled some real life choices. After a period of getting the right knowledge and mindset, Raj took massive action to initially buy properties at great discounts and good cashflow. This allowed deposits to be recycled and the property portfolio building phase to gain momentum. This then evolved to only buying discounted properties that deliver great cashflow, a key requirement to giving up the day job. During his presentation Raj will share:
  • The strategies he has used to acquire deals How he has acquired properties with infinite ROI - but is it all about the ROI?
  • How he has modified his approaches in the face of challenges
  • How his strategies have evolved to generate significant salary-replacing incomes
  • How his increasing knowledge now gives him the opportunity to mentor others and also to be part of the editorial team at YPN
If you want to replace your income with recurring income from rental units this talk will provide you with some of the key strategies you will need to consider and implement

ALSO...Champagne Interiors for Lemonade Prices - Use other people's money to buy furniture and fittings for your properties - Andrew Southwood

We all know the basics of mortgage finance for our properties. It’s good debt which increases our return on investment by using OPM (Other People’s Money). But what about the other assets within our property businesses. Most of those depreciate so we pay cash for them. At this month's pin meeting, Andrew will show you how you use other people’s money to finance others assets such as furniture and fittings, which will preserve your cash and enable you to pay for the asset out of property income. Andrew's presentation will consider:
  •    What assets can be funded
  •    How this finance can be structured
  •    The benefits for property investors
  •    A case study
John Paul Getty once said “If I want an asset that appreciates, I buy it. If I want an asset that depreciates, I lease it”   Book your ticket for your local pin meeting now.


Start: 20-02-2020 @ 6:00 PM
End: 20-02-2020 @ 9:00 PM
Cost: £20


Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC
Pendigo Way, Marston Green, Birmingham, West Midlands, B40 1NT
Phone: 0871 942 9160


Property Investors Network
Phone: 0121 228 2223

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